2020 Saint Patrick's Day Gifts Ideas

Are you ready to dress in green, drink excessive amounts of beer, and dance to traditional Irish music? Well, Saint Patrick's day is just around the corner and you need to be prepared. Luckily, ArtistShot is here to offer awesome St. Patrick's day gifts ideas and items. With our cool designs, you'll definitely be the king/queen of the party this March 17th! But first — a bit of history. Who was Saint Patrick and why do we celebrate him?

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Why We Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day

St. Patrick was a Christian missionary from the fifth century and is one of the patron saints of Ireland. He was born in Roman Britain, but when he was a teenager, he was captured by Irish pagans and taken to Ireland. Upon returning to his homeland six years later, St. Patrick had promised to return to Ireland, as he actually grew to like it while he was there. St. Paddy did, in fact, go back. And not just that — he converted the entirety of Ireland's population to Christianity. He traveled all over the country, opening schools and monasteries, and spreading the faith. He died on March 17th, somewhere around the year 493. For a long time, St. Patrick's day was only celebrated in Ireland. However, ever since the 1700s, when Irish immigrants in the U.S. and Canada paraded in protest of their low social status, this holiday became internationally recognized and celebrated. Today, people all around the world get together to drink beer and celebrate this holy, but jolly day.

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Meaning Behind the Symbols

As you know, everything is green on St. Patrick's day — the clothing, the beer, the food, the decorations. Green is not only the color of the spring and the shamrock but also a symbol of revolution in Ireland. You can also see it on the country’s flag. Also, anyone who isn't wearing green on St. Patrick's day will get a pinch. That serves as a reminder that they're visible to the leprechauns. The shamrock or the three-leaf clover is also a common symbol. Bishops used it to explain the Holy Trinity concept to the pagans. Lastly, we have the serpent. The legend says that St. Patrick banished all the snakes from Ireland. That can also be interpreted as a metaphor of how St. Patrick banished Paganism from Ireland.

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Saint Patrick's Day Gifts Ideas

If you want to celebrate St. Patrick's day 2020 in style, why don't you check out our shop? Here at ArtistShot, we sell all kinds of St. Patrick's day items. From standard T-shirts and hoodies to travel mugs, throw pillows and baby bodysuits, our shop has got it all. Besides that, we have hundreds of cool and interesting designs you can choose from. We feature all kinds of original designs. If you're looking for something quirky and funny, well, you're in luck. Our green 'Happy St. Patrick Swayze' shirt or the '10% Irish, 90% beer' shirt will definitely make you stand out from the crowd and prompt a smile or two. No matter what age, gender, or nationality you are, our Saint Patrick's day gifts ideas will work for everyone. Feel free to browse our enormous collection and you'll quickly see what we're talking about. And when you're ready to order, don't forget to use our St. Patrick's day coupon code (STPATRICK2020) to get 10% off.

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