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Independence Day is just around the corner, with all its barbecues, picnics, and fireworks. It’s a perfect day to visit our loved ones and spend quality time with them, but also to show off how proud you are to be American. And what better way to do that than by wearing a 4th of July-inspired design? Check out ArtistShot’s collection to find thousands of them!

Why We Celebrate Independence Day?

In 1776, the U.S was still a British colony, until July 2nd when the Second Continental Congress approved a resolution of independence. This document asserted that America was free of British rule, and a country in its own right.

However, as you know, Independence Day isn’t celebrated on July 2nd — but on July 4th instead. The reason for that is simple; although the congress had already made its decision in a closed session, it needed to make a public statement.

The Committee of Five, headed by Thomas Jefferson, wrote and revised the Declaration of Independence in the following two days. Finally, they approved and signed this document on July 4th, marking this date as the most important one in American history.

Since it’s observed in the summer, most of the Independence Day celebrations take place outside. In the morning, there are usually parades praising American history and heritage. After that, families spend time together and have picnics or barbecues, before the evening of firework shows and patriotic songs. The most prominent colors on the 4th of July are red, white, and blue — the colors of the American flag.

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