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June is here, and with it comes Father’s Day — a day to celebrate your dad and all that he has done for you. It’s a perfect opportunity to visit him if you haven’t seen him in a while. Then, spend some quality time together — make him a meal, go for a hike with him, and of course, give him a gift!

And if you’re not sure what to get him, check out ArtistShot. We have thousands of designs that will make this Father’s Day special for both of you!

Why We Celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day was first established in the US as a response to Mother’s Day. In 1909, Sonora Smart Dodd heard a sermon dedicated to Mother’s Day and came up with an idea that a similar holiday should exist for fathers. Her father was a single parent who raised six children, and she was looking for a way to honor him. Thus, she proposed the idea to her pastor.

At first, she wanted it held on June 5th — her father’s birthday — but pastors couldn’t prepare sermons quickly enough. Instead, first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19th, 1910. However, sixty years had to pass before Father’s Day became an official national holiday.

Nowadays, we celebrate Father’s Day every third Sunday of June. While it’s not observed publicly, people celebrate it in private by visiting their fathers, giving them gifts, or sending cards. There’s no real rule about celebrating this holiday — ultimately, what matters most is to show your father love and appreciation for raising you.

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Father's Day Gifts

Sometimes, telling your dad how much he means to you can be a little difficult. Finding the right words is hard, and besides, fathers tend to be less open to discussing feelings. But no worries! If you can’t quite put it into words yet, let a perfect gift do the talking for you. And there’s no better place to find one than ArtistShot!

Surprise your dad with a cool “Super Dad” hat, or a Star Wars-inspired “Best Dad in the Galaxy” phone case. We also have thousands of T-shirts that your dad will surely love, but why stop at that? Buy a matching “Father and Son” design to really show off your dad when you head out for a Father’s Day hike!

But that’s not all you can do at ArtistShot. Get creative and turn inside jokes between you and your dad into a custom print. Alternatively, if you’re not much of a designer but you do want to leave a personal touch, edit an existing print of your choice and make it your own. The possibilities are endless!