Yes, Artist Shot has been in business since 2014, has over twenty thousand designers, a little bit over seventy million products for sale, and most important thousands of returning customers who have been purchasing since it started. So is pretty clear that when asking the question “Is Artist Shot a legit website?” The answer is, YES!

You can choose a design from our artists by browsing our catalogs. Once you choose a design you can customize it or add additional designs and texts to it. You can also create your own product from a blank t-shirt or any other product by adding a design, text, product type and color at will.

Example: Search for "Star Wars" to find any design related to the movies or characters. From the left vertical menu, you can filter by product type and then you can choose the desired design, select the size, quantity, color and place your order.

Yes, you can click on the "Customize" button on the product page and add as many designs and texts as you want. Please note that every additional design or text adds a fee to the product you are trying to purchase. If you create your own design then you can add as many designs as you wish.

We offer a wide variety of clothing for women, men, and kids as well as accessories such as iPhone cases, license plates, drawstring bags, totes, pin-back buttons, water bottles and more! Available printing technics: Plot print, digital printing, sublimation, and embroidery.

We accept credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. We also accept PayPal.

We offer discount coupons that you can find in our home page or your previous order emails. Sometimes we can send a promotional coupon to your email if you are subscribed to our newsletter. Terms and conditions may apply.

Yes, you can place an order without signing up first. All we require is your contact and payment information. Please make sure that your shipping address and email are correct before placing your order.

You can check the status of your order in the 'Where is my order?' section.

All we require is your order number and your billing email to provide order status and shipping tracking information. You will receive an email including your order information once it ships out.

If you have any issues with your discount coupon, you can contact us at contact@artistshot.com or call to +1 800-581-4378 from Monday - Friday : 8AM(CT) - 12PM / 2PM - 6PM(CT) Saturday: 8AM(CT) - 12PM(CT). We will try to solve your issue as soon as we can.

If the promotion or coupon that you want to apply after you placed your order is still valid, you can contact us and request a refund for the discount amount.

Please check your junk or spam folder in your email first. If you can't find your order confirmation email, you can contact us and we will send you a copy of your order confirmation.

Your invoice is your order confirmation email. If you didn't receive it or you didn't find it in your spam or junk folder, please contact us and we will resend it to you.

Sometimes in the first 72 hours after you place your order, we can change the shipping information, color or quantity of your products before your order is shipped. Please contact us and we will instruct you on how to proceed if any changes can be made. If you require additional products or expedite your shipment we will send you a payment link to update your order total. If the change that you request implies fewer products or cheaper products we will issue a refund for the price difference. If your order has already been shipped you have 30 days after the order has been delivered to request a return. Please contact us for further instructions.

Please contact us as soon as possible. If your order has not been produced or shipped yet we can issue a full refund. If the order has already been shipped or delivered, you have 30 days to do so.

After your package has been delivered you have up to 30 days to request a return. If the product is damaged or different from what you ordered you can request a full refund. Please contact us in order to instruct you on how to return your order.

Please go to our contact page or call to +1 800-581-4378, Monday - Friday : 8 AM(CT) - 12 PM / 2 PM - 6 PM(CT) Saturday: 8 AM(CT) - 12 PM(CT).

You can request a return in the first 30 days after your order has been delivered. Return labels may be provided or not depending on your case. You can review our return and refund policy for any inquiry regarding your case. If you need additional assistance, please contact us for further details.

Designs are the intellectual property of the artists. If you believe that a product is violating any copyright you can report it through the "Copyright or report abuse" link located below the art details info in the product page, or you can send us the product details.

You can request a return and once the package has been sent back to us and a tracking number has been provided we will proceed with a reship with the desired size. Return labels provided to customers are subject to our discretion.

Inside the United States you can choose between these options:

  • Regular: 3 - 14 days to deliver after the order was placed
  • Deluxe: 3 - 7 days to deliver after the order was placed
  • * Free shipping: 3 – 14 days to deliver after the order was placed

* Free shipping is available for orders under certain conditions. Please refer to the checkout information when you place your order for more details.

Regular International shipping: Time for delivery depends on destination and conditions.

Regular shipping starts at $6.99. Deluxe shipping starts at $12.99.

Regular international starts at $12.99.

Additional fees may apply per additional item or product type. However, any order sent inside the United States with 2 or more products has free shipping available. Please refer to our pricing & shipping cost page for further details.

Yes. Please refer to the shipping options and fees for further details.

Of course, we have a beautiful store located at 1607 W Orange Grove ave, UNIT C. Orange, California 92868.

Our store - Artistshot

If you want to share your work worldwide, then you're in the right place! You can start by signing up as a seller.

Are you already a registered customer, but you're eager to jump to the other side of the counter? No problem! You can log in and use the "Join us!" button in your "Sell" menu at the upper left corner of your account's dashboard.

Become a seller - Artistshot

At Artist Shot we're happy to help you sell your work and become a successful artist. However, we can't allow all kind of material to be sold by our community members without minimum supervision. Thus, we reserve the right to refuse and delete your work from our catalog if at least one of three conditions apply:

  • The material included in your design violates copyrighted logos, slogans, designs, characters or ideas from other companies. This may include total or partial reproduction of copyrighted material or designs that resemble a related service or product or has the potential for conflict in the future with the owner of the original work. For additional information regarding our legal guidelines for arts and DMCA policy please visit our DMCA policy section.
  • The design contains offensive or adult material. We allow certain satirical or adult content on behalf of freedom of speech. However, you should be aware that if your art is the cause of complaints from our customers, we reserve the right to remove it from your account at any time without previous advice.
  • The design incurs in personal right violations. If your art contains personal material like photos of persons or personal or private information or material from other persons that have not provided any authorization for their use in your artwork, we can delete the design from your account.

We are so sorry if we made a mistake by deleting your work. However, nothing is lost yet! If you have proof of copyright ownership for your art, please contact us and send us the documents, design and artist details and we can restore your work once the documentation has been evaluated.

We at Artist Shot are offering a wide range of promotions to our customers. We know that you want to sell your art and spread your work worldwide, and the best way to achieve your goal is by offering attractive discounts on products sold in big quantities to our customers. The more we discount in big quantity purchases, the more you will earn by selling your art more times. You're invited to the discount party and everybody has to hit the dance floor when the music is pumping.

For full details on our policies, please go to our terms and conditions page and in your account dashboard, go to "Commission payment" for more details regarding your payments.

We pay the artists once a month whenever the minimum balance is at least $20 USD between the 2nd and the 3rd week of the month.

We are always thinking of new ways to help our artists grow. Keep an eye on our newsletters and one day you may receive great news! Additionally, we are doing an awesome job posting, sending and sharing thousands of our artists' products to different marketplaces around the World.

Oh, really? We're sorry about that. If you have a link to the product page regarding the copyright infringement, please send it to us or report the art by clicking on the "Copyright or report abuse" link under the art details section. If you have proof of copyright ownership - legal documents or old publications showing the same art with your name as the author, please add it to your complaint and we will take care of the situation immediately.

The date changes every year, but it typically falls on the first Sunday after the vernal equinox, i.e. the beginning of spring. This year, Easter falls on April 12th.

Adults will probably enjoy something more practical, such as customized license plates, water bottles or laptop bags, all of which you can find on ArtistShot's website.

Children love our customized phone cases, T-shirts, and hats. Browse our collection and choose a design that perfectly reflects their interests and likes.

If you're looking for Easter's day ideas, feel free to check out ArtistShot's incredible selection. Here, you can surely find Easter gifts for everyone, regardless of their age, gender, and preferences.