Yoga pants and leggings have become a staple of most people’s wardrobe. They are versatile, comfortable, and can be worn anywhere. Slowly but surely, the thin line between them is getting vaguer and vaguer. Therefore, people are starting to confuse one for the other, with little regard to their differences. But why do some prefer one over the other? And most importantly, who wins the battle of yoga pants vs. leggings?

What Are Yoga Pants?

Yoga pants are stretchable bottoms that are popular for physical activities requiring extensive movement and stretching. The physical activities that people associate with yoga pants are yoga, pilates, martial arts, and dancing. In recent years, yoga pants have become synonymous with workouts and jogging.

When it comes to looks, yoga pants are usually fit from the waist to the bottom of the butt, getting loose from the thigh. However, recent versions are getting rid of the loose straight cut, opting for a look similar to leggings, hence the confusion. The only type of yoga pants that are unmistakable are called Kundalini. They are loose and usually white, and as a result, encapsulate the original yoga look.

What Are Leggings?

Leggings are skin-tight, elastic pants that were originally used by acrobats and dancers to keep their bodies warm. In time, their purpose began to change into a piece of clothing worn under skirts or dresses for warmth. Their integration into casual clothing has become popular over the past few years. Nowadays, leggings have become a standalone garment that can be used for anything and by anyone.

This specific piece of clothing is usually made out of cotton, which means that they are soft and some models are even see-through. That has opened the gate to the creation of many different models and designs. Some pairs even have added pockets for casual wearers. Thanks to that and their affordability, leggings are the go-to pants for any types of activities and errands.

Yoga Pants vs. Leggings — Differences

While an untrained eye couldn’t tell them apart, yoga pants and leggings have subtle differences that make them unique. The biggest differences are the feel and material. Nevertheless, it’s important to know which one is which before deciding to wear them for a specific event.


Leggings usually come in one length, with the edges ending around the same area in the lower legs. There are some models that end mid-calf similar to cropped pants. However, yoga pants come in many length options. On one hand, normal yoga pants are ankle-length, some even wrapping over the heels, ending in the middle of the feet. On the other hand, some yoga pants end right below your knee caps.


Even though both have stretchable fabric, the material is not the same. Leggings are thinner than yoga pants and are made of combinations of cotton, nylon, and polyester.


Yoga pants should fit your body while also withstanding external conditions and therefore, they are sturdier and thicker. To achieve that, yoga pants are made of a combination of nylon, cotton, polyester, and most importantly, spandex. The last material gives yoga pants their stretchable capabilities, making it the most important component.


Yoga pants have a unique thick waistband that some people fold over the hip to compress the garment. Meanwhile, leggings have a thin waistband similar to regular pants. The legging waistband usually sits low- or mid-rise while the yoga ones are high-rise, covering the abdomen.


When talking about athletic capabilities, leggings are losing by a mile. Some use them for sports because of their stretchable material. However, yoga pants remain the king of physical activities, as they are more comfortable and stretchier. But when it comes to fashion, leggings come on top, as they are highly diverse in colors and patterns. You can even combine them with other pieces of clothing and create unique and interesting outfits.


The saga of yoga pants vs. leggings continues, each one having different types for specific situations and events. These types differ vastly from one another in both usage and style.

Types of Yoga Pants

  • Kundalini are yoga pants that are loose all the way to the ankles
  • Tight-Fit yoga pants are similar to leggings because of their slim design
  • Capri are a type of yoga pants that are cut mid-leg and are great for working out in warmer environments
  • Bell-Bottomed or Flared yoga pants are the original versions of yoga pants. The flared fabric on the calves that goes toward the ankles is what makes them unique

Types of Leggings

  • 100% Cotton leggings are the kind of pants that people wear everywhere because they are not see-through
  • Thin leggings are just a bit thicker than tights and are usually worn under skirts and dresses.
  • Fleece leggings are the perfect leg warmer bottoms. They have a fleece lining that makes them great for the colder season.

Yoga Pants vs. Leggings — Who Won?

Although people can use yoga pants for fashion and leggings for sports, each does better in its own area. As a result, which one is better than the other is up to what activity you plan on wearing them for. If you are an active person that enjoys workouts, yoga pants are the clear winner. But if you are looking for fashionable bottoms that can keep you warm, then leggings are a no brainer.

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All in all, you are not the only one confusing yoga pants for leggings. While they are similar and serve similar functions, at the end of the day, each is unique in its own way. But now that you know how to differentiate them, the choice falls into your hands. Yoga pants vs. leggings — which one do you choose as your winner?