Valentine’s Day is fast approaching once again. This year, instead of rushing to the flower store last second, why not take this day as an opportunity to make your S.O. smile and get them a present that they’ll never forget? It’s the perfect excuse to show that special somebody that you care about them, no matter if you’ve been together for days or decades.

Of course, buying a present is no easy task. Luckily, we’re here to give you some inspiration with our Valentine’s Day gift guide. Here you’ll be able to find all kinds of gift ideas — from cute and simple DIY presents to awesome surprises that’ll surely sweep your loved one off their feet.

DIY Projects

In some cases, it’s better to go small. If your partner isn’t too fond of Valentine’s Day or presents in general, they’ll appreciate something subtle.

For instance, a Valentine’s Day card is always an option. Pour your heart out onto the paper. Tell your partner exactly how much they mean to you. In addition, you can also include their favorite snack or candy, or maybe even a small care package.

Here’s an idea for the care package — include something to satisfy each of their five senses. Aside from the edibles, you can also include a candle or a soap bar with their favorite scent and wrap it in their favorite color. The fact that you cared enough to remember these details about your partner will certainly move them.

Another thing you can do is create a playlist of songs that remind you of your S.O., just like in the good old days. If you’re more of a visual type, maybe you’ll prefer making a photo album or a scrapbook.

Flowers and Plants

Flowers may seem a bit played out, but they are a classic. What’s more, nowadays, the options are endless. You can not only acquire almost every type of flower imaginable, no matter what part of the world it comes from, but also order it to be delivered wherever you please. So, why not send a bouquet of lush red roses over to your loved one’s home or office?

If you prefer something more lasting, a potted orchid may be a better choice. Aside from looking gorgeous, it requires little effort to maintain it.

And in case your partner isn’t a fan of flowers, maybe they would prefer a nice plant. Succulents and cacti are cute and small, and also don’t require any watering, which makes them a perfect Valentine’s day gift.

Bath and Beauty Products

Most of us don’t just go out and buy a luxurious bath set for ourselves to use. However, when it comes into our possession as a gift, we don’t hesitate to use it. It feels good to occasionally treat your body with something fancy.

Therefore, your partner might enjoy a gift set of opulent bath or beauty products. In addition, you can prepare them a nice romantic bath with scented candles to help them relax after an exhausting day at work.

A Meal Cooked with Love

You know what they say — ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’, although we believe this applies to all genders equally. In light of that, why don’t you put your apron on and treat your S.O. with a lovely home-cooked dinner or even breakfast in bed?

If you feel like your cooking skills are not up to par, there are many ways you can learn and improve. You can take an online cooking class, consult a cookbook, or watch some YouTube tutorials. Provided that you have the time for it, you can practice cooking the meal beforehand. And don’t be afraid to splurge out on the ingredients!

Undies and Lingerie

To show your partner that you have the hots for them, you can give them a provocative piece of lingerie as a Valentine’s Day present. In addition, you can also get something nice for yourself and surprise your partner with a stunning visual. It’s good to spice things up in the bedroom every once in a while.

However, it’s crucial to pick a color and design that they will actually enjoy wearing. Therefore, if your partner isn’t that into sexy lingerie, maybe they will prefer a pair of undies or pajamas instead.

A Unique Piece of Art

In our opinion, a custom piece of art is the absolute perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, as well as all other occasions. It might be a bit costly, depending on the type of artwork, but it is personal and totally unique. Besides that, it supports your local artists, which is now more important than ever because of the pandemic.

Drawings, paintings, sculptures, embroidery, hand-made or hand-painted objects, etc. — the selection is enormous. In this day and age, there are so many amazing artists who can make the impossible happen.

As an example, you can order a custom portrait of the two of you, or maybe a custom-painted T-shirt or bag with your partner’s favorite motifs.

A Relaxing Spa Trip

If you have the budget for it, you can always surprise your partner with travel reservations and plane tickets. As traveling has been limited due to Coronavirus, maybe a trip to your local spa is a more viable option. The two of you can get away for a few days, relaxing in a jacuzzi, getting massages, and eating like kings.

Another alternative is a nature getaway. You two could stay in a cozy mountain cottage for a few days and finally breathe some fresh air. Your lungs will certainly be grateful, but we’re sure your partner will be too.

Final Thoughts

As you can tell, there are many ways you can show your appreciation for your partner this Valentine’s Day. No matter if your intentions are to make them chuckle or completely blow their socks off, we’re sure one of these gift ideas will be suitable. Whichever one you opt for in the end, your partner will certainly love you for it!