After more than a year in lockdown, we are all excited to finally wear something other than our PJs. You may have expected the fashion industry to quiet down this year, with no new trends to showcase for the upcoming season. But the exact opposite happened. It seems that, with everything else in our lives becoming a bit dull, fashion is the one outlet we have to express our creativity.

Now that there is hope that the lockdown will end, you have an opportunity to search through the closet and see which quarantine purchases can be used this year. And for those among you who managed not to buy clothes they thought they wouldn’t have the chance to wear, there’s finally a reason to introduce some new pieces to the old wardrobe. No matter which group you belong to, it is time to flaunt your style! Here are eight 2021 fashion trends everyone should know about:

1. Black Face Masks

One of the accessories no one could have predicted, face masks are now an inevitable part of our outfits every day. Since we have to wear them, we might as well have some fun with them. You can get several colors to match different outfits or you can just buy a stylish black mask that will fit well with anything you wear. 

For a more slick look, a plain black face mask is the way to go. On the other hand, if you want to add a personal touch, choose the one with some prints or embellishments

2. Head Scarfs

Inspired by the 60’s fashion, this accessory is back in a big way. Big fashion designers have already incorporated this item into their new collections. So, naturally, head scarfs are now conquering the streets everywhere. Whether it’s a floral or a simpler design, head scarfs will spruce up even the most boring of outfits. 

The great thing about head scarfs is that they are a true multi-purpose item. You can wear them in a Grace Kelly way, by wrapping the ends under your chin. Or for a more bold look, you can let it hang off the back of your head. To mix things up, you can also wrap it around your neck on a windy day. You can even tie it to your black bag and you will achieve a much more fashionable look. 

3. Matching Sets

Now that we’re used to the matching PJ and loungewear sets, it’s time to bring this style to the streets. If you aren’t ready to give up the level of comfort provided by these pieces, just learn to style your loungewear sets with some accessories and they are ready for the public. A nice pair of trendy sneakers or even boots, a layered necklace, or a blazer on top will make it seem much more put together. 

If, on the other hand, you can’t wait to get back to the stylish work clothes, there are matching sets for you too. From the blazer and skirt combo to crop tops and flared pants, you can find a matching set for every occasion. 

4. Crop Tops

Crop tops have been a favorite for several seasons now. That’s understandable, though, when you consider how practical these items are while still looking nice. Due to their easy-to-style feature, you can now find almost anything in a cropped form – sweaters, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and even jackets. 

They also come in all styles, so if you want one for a more formal event, crop tops with puffy sleeves are an essential item of 2021 fashion trends. For a more casual look, there are many options with awesome patterns and prints. Whether you go for a fancy or a laid-back option, you’re bound to get a great look! 

5. Puffy Sleeves

As mentioned above, crop tops with puffy sleeves are a must this season. However, puffy sleeves can be found on any clothing piece, and they look amazing on each and every one of them. Nothing transforms a clothing item from a regular piece to an elegant one like puffy sleeves. 

Although they look good on everything, this season’s favorite is a dress with puffy sleeves. They are also the easiest to style. With white sneakers or a bright-colored bag, you get a perfect low-effort outfit that looks like a high-effort one.

6. Pastel Tones

Pastel colors have persevered for several seasons and they are still dominating among the 2021 fashion trends. These soft colors are perfect for freshening up your style for the upcoming spring/summer season.  

Whether it is a mint green trench coat or a soft lavender power suit, pastel tones will improve your aesthetic. Also, this trend is here to stay, which means that these pieces will still be chic for seasons to come. 

7. Oversized Pants

2021 fashion trends seem to be gravitating toward more comfortable pieces, which, as mentioned, has to do with the fact that we have gotten used to a more relaxed clothing style this past year. Naturally, no one wants to go back to the tight and constricting skinny jeans. We are replacing them with oversized pants that allow freedom and flexibility (and don’t mess with your blood circulation).

Still, be careful not to overdo it with baggy clothes. After all, you don’t want to come across as lazy. To balance it all out, oversized pants fit best with a crop top or a slimming shirt. 

8. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are the ultimate one-and-done pieces that create an effortlessly cool but chic look each time you wear them. They are a perfect trick for putting together an outfit when you can’t decide what to wear.

From elegant versions that are on par with your best cocktail dresses to the relaxed, everyday models for running around town, jumpsuits are pieces that you will not want to get out of. 

 2021 Fashion Trends: The Overview

In one of the most unusual fashion seasons, these are the trends that you will be seeing wherever you go this summer. The quiet year behind has brought us some bold designs, as well as some versatile pieces that will last for several seasons. Whatever your style and taste, it’s time to hit the stores and update your wardrobe with the newest 2021 fashion trends.