Hipsters are cool, trendy, and certainly not mainstream. They combine materials and designs in an artsy and creative way. Hipsters purposely go after the “I can’t be bothered” feel, but their style is uniquely vintage nevertheless. If that sounds like you, check out the hipster outfits for girls we’ve put together so you never run out of ideas.



Wardrobe Essentials


As you know, hipster fashion is a little bit of everything. It’s a perfect mixture of styles and eras. And yet, it aims to seem plain, basic, and even ironic. We’ll take a look at some essential clothing items every hipster girl should have in her wardrobe.


Beanies and Fedoras


Regardless of the season, proper headwear is imperative. Fedoras have become synonymous with hipsters. They go well with any possible outfit and give you that “classy” look. You can’t go wrong with combining a fedora with a vintage dress.

Beanies, on the other hand, are more casual. They can be slouchy, close-fitting or heavy-knitted with a wide cuff. After all, just pick your favorite design to match your outfit and you’ll be good.


Shirts, Tops, and Sweaters


Surely this department offers a great amount of freedom to experiment. Plain tank-tops, loose cotton t-shirts, basic tight tops, and vintage graphic tees are all great options. On colder days, top them off with a flannel shirt. We definitely love flannels. They are soft, comfy, and they have that cozy feel to them. Flannels bring back memories.


Also, wrap yourself up in an oversized sweater or a loose cardigan for extra comfort. The choice of material is up to you, but make sure the size is extra-large.


Pants, Jeggings, and Jeans


Skinny jeans are versatile. They come in all sorts of colors and you can choose the pattern you like.


On the other hand, the soft and stretchy jeggings are loved by women. They mimic jeans, but they are much more comfortable. They go well with loose t-shirts, large sweaters, or oversized tops. No matter what you pair them with, jeggings are simply cute.


“Mom jeans” are the same high-waisted jeans your mom used to wear. You can definitely find a pair in her closet. In recent years, these have made a spectacular comeback. They need to be worn and torn, ripped and show a bit of skin. “Mom jeans” have become an essential part of hipster outfits for any girl with style.


Shoes And Boots


Whichever outfit you go for, appropriate footwear will make or break it. Hipster outfits for girls would not be complete without boots. Thus, go for flat ankle boots or laced boots to complete your appearance.


Sports shoes are fine as long as they are old-school. Canvas, flat, plain Converse-like shoes are your go-to. What’s more, you can pair them with pretty much anything, be it a light floral dress, torn denim shorts or jeggings. They go equally well with all of the above. Finally, spice your outfit up with a fedora for a complete hipster look.


Accessories And Bags


Jewelry is essential if you want to make a statement and achieve that chic look. Therefore long, layered necklaces and chains are a must. Handmade, custom bracelets paired with dangly earrings will certainly have you rocking the hipster look. Again, when it comes to accessories — think big.


Plain canvas bags, leather handbags or hemp backpacks are equally cool. You could also go for a “messenger bag,” a crossbody bag or a roll top. In fact, any bag you like is good enough to complete your outfit.


To top it all off, put on a pair of large, thick-rimmed sunglasses of an unusual shape and you’ll nail the hipster look.


It’s All About You


Above all, being a hipster is about being alternative, independent, and authentic. We’ve assembled some essential items for you to be able to effortlessly choose the coolest hipster outfits for girls. Therefore, play around with different combinations and try out various outfits until you work out your favorites. Ultimately, you should experiment with colors, patterns, and styles. Let your creativity show and express your bohemian, hipster self.