Christmas comes but once a year, and with each season, we get to witness some of the most exciting new fashion trends to grace the runways. Both men and women have a wide range of choices when it comes to either luxury or everyday wear. So join us as we take a look at some of the latest Christmas fashion trends for both the ladies and gentlemen.

The Classic

Whether you’re a dude or dudette, you’ll love the return of the ‘classics.’ The Christmas style of late 2019 includes lots of fashionable, single colors that make us stand out from the crowd through sheer elegance. For the ladies, those single colors are black, beige, purple, and yolk yellow. Be it a one-piece dress or a full outfit, a dominant color will never fail. The same goes for the gentlemen; all-black or black-and-white suits will never go out of style, as the Christmas fashion trends of the past, present, and future keep showing.

But it goes well beyond the colors. The modern Christmas style for men includes lots of all-leather outfits, padded jackets, and denim wear. And speaking of denim, the women of late 2019 seem to adore the material; some of the latest designs incorporate a plethora of denim jackets, pants, and skirts.

The Daring

Now we’re getting to the fun part. The Christmas fashion trends at the end of this year have grown bold when it comes to both genders. For instance, the ladies have incorporated quite a few feathers and capes with their everyday outfits. And the flair doesn’t stop there, either. Asymmetrical necklines combined with floral patterns or quilted patchwork outfits will combine both your fun and your sexy side. Top that off with some deconstructed knitwear or highlighter high heels and you have yourself a jaw-dropper of an outfit that’s guaranteed to heat up those cold winter months to come.

Of course, the fellas aren’t left in the dust either. All-pink outfits and skin-bearing suits provide the modern man with that vulnerable, sensitive streak. In addition, tattered wool clothing makes for an amazing urban look. So do the see-through outfits that dare to expose some skin. And since the pajama sleepwear couture look proved to be popular with the ladies during the summer season, the all-male range wasn’t far behind. As a massive photo finish, we have to stress the popularity of the acid trip style, with extreme and erratic colors and chaotic patterns. No man will go unnoticed if he wears this combo during a Christmas party.

The Accessories

This wouldn’t be a text on the Christmas style without mentioning some interesting fashion accessories for the lads and lasses out there. Women seem to dominate the accessory race with a higher range of products. First of all, oversized bags have become all the rage with the modern ladies. But they are far from being the only oversized accessory; oversized 90s-style bucket hats have made a spectacular comeback with a breadth of options and designs. Finally,

there are the prominent waist belts of all shapes and sizes.

And while the ladies went big with their bags, the boys went small. Tiny neck bags have become the talk of the town, as we can use them to wear a bare minimum of documents and cash. But the lads did go big with one particular Christmas style accessory — the long scarf. With these around their necks, the gentlemen will not only show their daring, stand-out style, but they’ll survive the elements when they’re outside during a snowy Christmas day.