Natural hair is gorgeous on its own and allows for a lot of fun and options with our haircuts. However, it can sometimes be tricky to find the right style for natural hair.

Luckily, the best natural hairstyles allow us to take full advantage of our hair’s natural texture. So, let’s take a look at the best natural hairstyles we can get to make our hair stand out.

#1 Protective Updos

Protective updos look quite stylish and protect our hair from the elements and loss of moisture at the same time. They’re perfect for busy women, as they take very little time and effort to style.

Protective updos also allow us to give our hair the time and space to grow safely, and not be damaged by any outside factors. Unfortunately, some protective hairstyles, such as jumbo cornrows and box braids, can pull on our edges and weigh our hair down.

To make sure our hair is protected and isn’t being pulled at, we can opt for twists. They can control any extra volume and frizz and make our hair look elegant at all times.

#2 Chic Tapered Cut

Tapered cuts are incredibly stylish, and allow us to have more fun with our hair while looking like a true trendsetter. They feature short natural hair with trimmed sides, long bangs, and a bunch of curly tendrils sitting at the top of our heads.

To style our tapered cut, we should let our curls have a bit of frizz, and not overuse hair creams or gels. This hairstyle will make us look extravagant and it can transition from day to night seamlessly. We can even style the sides of our hair with a fade or a clever design to make it look more unique.

#3 Afro with Babylights

“Babylights” look somewhat similar to balayage but are actually a type of subtle highlights. They’re perfect for fine hair, or when we want to give our hair that extra something without overpowering it.

By combining them with natural afro hair, we can achieve an easy-going everyday hairstyle with that extra shine. Moreover, babylights allow us to have all the fun of dyeing our hair — without damaging it too much.

#4 Mohawks and Fauxhawks

These natural hairstyles will never go out of fashion and are perfect for those who want to make a statement with their hair. Moreover, mohawks can also provide our hair with a lot of protection, while being somewhat more conventional than fauxhawks.

Fauxhawks are arguably not as practical as mohawks, but let’s be honest — they look so much cooler. The shaved sides will give our haircut more style, and allow us to get creative with their design.