Our 2020 Christmas makeup is just as important as our outfit and the gifts we purchase. Moreover, it’s what ties everything together and brings us into the festive spirit.

There are some traditional colors and styles that are by far the easiest to go for, as they mesh together perfectly. So, let’s pull up our chairs and get our makeup ready to create the perfect 2020 Christmas makeup look!

#1 Red Lips and Gold Glitter Eyes

These two shades are by far the most associated with Christmas, and there’s a reason why they’re so popular. Red lipstick is iconic on its own but combining it with gold glitter eyeshadow takes our look to a whole new level.

We should start with a lid primer to ensure our make up stays perfect throughout the day. Moreover, it will set our eye look in place, so we won’t transfer any glitter to unsuspecting friends and family members.

We can also hold a piece of tissue paper under our eyes to avoid getting the glitter on our face. Finally, we can apply translucent powder and brush it away along with any excess glitter. For lipsticks, we can choose a bright blood red or a deeper wine red to complete our look.

#2 Smokey Eye with Glitter Eyeliner

The smokey eye is a traditional choice for all makeup lovers, no matter the season. We could go with a traditional black smokey eye and a gold/silver glitter eyeliner to make our eyes pop.

However, if we want to make our makeup more unique — we could use a dark brown instead. If we don’t have any brown eyeshadow pallets, we could use our contour and highlight to create the look.

Also, one of the biggest advantages of brown eyeshadows is that they’re easier to remove than black ones.

#3 Dark Green Eyes

Some think that green is a bit too bold for them — but anyone can rock the color with the right technique. First, we’ll need to find a shade of green that matches our hair color and skin tone.

We also have to make sure we apply it properly. For example, if the color we’re using is a bit sheerer — pack it on. Additionally, this look should be all about a strong eyeshadow, and bold eyebrows, so the rest of it has to be tame.

We can wear a nude or pinkish lipstick to make sure the colors don’t clash and overpower our face.

#4 Glitter Cut Crease

The look appears somewhat simple at first glance, but it features one of the more complex techniques. However, we shouldn’t let that discourage us, as a glitter cut crease is arguably one of the most beautiful 2020 Christmas makeup looks.

We can use various colors of glitter eyeliner, but silver and gold might be the best for a Christmas makeup look. Moreover, we can use light and dark reds for our lips to complete our look.