Have you ever fallen in love with a perfect pair of jeans? Did you wear them until they just had to go in the washer, only to have them shrink to the point where putting them back on becomes impossible? Or did you perhaps stumble upon a pair that looks amazing, but can’t find it in your size? We’ve all been there.


Luckily for us, denim is malleable, and we can easily adjust it to our size. So, here’s a practical guide for stretching out jeans.


Three Quick Ways to Stretch out Jeans


Everything you’ll need for these methods, you probably already have at home. Just one of them will require preparation, and even that won’t take too long.


Method #1: Get Your Jeans Wet and Stretch Them


Take a thick bed sheet or a large towel and put it down somewhere convenient. Take your jeans and soak them in lukewarm water. You can use a faucet, a sprinkler, or any other method that you like, then place them on the bed sheet or towel.


Then you’ll want to manually stretch them. Do it as evenly as possible, and be thorough, but try not to go overboard, or you may have to shrink them afterward. Denim may be flexible, but it’s not indestructible, and you don’t want to resize it too much. Let your jeans air dry afterward; don’t put them in the dryer.


If your jeans are made of particularly hard denim, then you’ll want to use more water. Additionally, you may want to add just a little bit of fabric softener into the water. The jeans will be easier to stretch after that, but don’t forget to rinse it out when you’re done.


Method #2: Heat Your Jeans and Put Them On


Place your jeans either on the floor or (preferably) an ironing board. Use a hairdryer or an iron and heat the jeans up, but not so much that you can’t put them on afterward. Optionally, you can stretch the jeans manually for a bit. Put them on before the denim cools completely.


Now that you have the jeans on, you can either walk around for a bit or go one step further (pun intended) by doing lunges or squats. You don’t have to do many repetitions, but keep it up for at least a minute. After you finish your walk or mini-workout, remove the jeans and let them cool. They should fit you much better the next time you try them on.


Method #3: Put Your Jeans on and Sit in a Bathtub Full of Water


You probably won’t enjoy this method, but it’s by far the most surefire way to stretch your jeans. Fill a tub with lukewarm water, put your tight denim pants on, and get in. You should sit there for ten, maybe fifteen minutes, but that’s not all that you’ll need to do.


For optimal results, you’ll want to walk around with the jeans on. For even better results, you should let them dry on you for at least half an hour. If that doesn’t work, then probably nothing will.