With the new year just around the corner, the time to take a look at the biggest upcoming fashion trends has arrived. T-shirts are garments that never go out of style, and they’ll be taking center stage in the months to come. These 2022 T-shirt trends are bold, innovative, and they will help you feel empowered and beautiful, whatever the new year brings.

Read on, and take notes!

1.   Bold Statements

Sometimes, T-shirts can serve as something much more than just cool clothing items. They can help you take a stand when it comes to an important movement or social issue. With how much social upheaval the world is facing every day, this characteristic has become more important than ever.

So, if you want to combine stylishness and making a statement, doing so will be quite easy. All you need is a T-shirt with a powerful message. Whether it is support for minorities, a certain non-profit organization, or just a loud and clear opinion on a matter – put it on a T-shirt, and everyone will know exactly where you stand. What’s more, you’ll look great and fashionable while doing something good, which is a nice bonus.

2.   Hand-Drawn Designs

There is something about hand-drawn designs that makes them fashionable no matter the season. They make T-shirts creative and artistic, and that’s exactly what 2022 T-shirt trends are all about.

For the year ahead, try to look for or design T-shirts that will have artistic value. You can go for detailed scenic drawings or just some simple sketches you really love. Whatever you choose, you’ll get a T-shirt everyone will envy and have a masterpiece on you wherever you go.

3.   Bright Colors

In the past two years, our reality has been quite gloomy. That is why, in 2022, you should embrace warm and bold colors when it comes to clothing. You might not be able to control the world around you, but you can make it look brighter and more beautiful.

To that end, go for colorful T-shirts that you can combine with most other casual clothing items. From deep orange to burning red and everything in between, you can choose just about any shade you want. The result will make you and the world at least a bit happier, and that’s always a fantastic achievement.

4.   Animal Imagery

Whether you want to take a stance against animal cruelty or you simply want a T-shirt with a cute cat or dog on it, animal portraits or any other type of imagery will make a great choice in 2022.

You can either keep the design as just a simple sketch or go all out and draw every single feature, giving the animal of your choice some personality. Either way, you’ll get something pretty, stylish, and unique that will help you stand out from the crowd in the best way possible.

5.   Retro Designs

Bringing classic designs back to life and giving them a new twist will be one of the biggest 2022 T-shirt trends. Whether it’s doing a popular design using new colors and fonts or bringing back some popular vintage illustrations, you can’t go wrong.

As usual, you can mix up retro designs with virtually any color. For 2022, the most popular choices are burgundy and forest green. They will let your designs shine without being too bright and in your face. Still, they will make a colorful addition to your wardrobe even if they are on the subtler side.

6.   Rainbows

As colorful as they are, rainbows can make great additions to one-color T-shirts. Rainbows symbolize joy, wonder, and hope. As such, they are perfect for the uncertain and turbulent times we are living in.

It is quite easy to hop on this trend. Just choose a T-shirt style and color you like, and then add a small rainbow anywhere on the chest area. Other similar imagery can also work well, especially unicorns or butterflies. Either way, these details will help make a simple garment burst with life and make you look stylish with little effort.

7.   A New Take On Graphic Tees

Graphic tees will always be in. However, in 2022, you should ditch the serious and detailed designs everyone is used to. Instead, make your T-shirt quirky and colorful. You can do so by using illustrations from cartoons or coming up with something cute and fun all by yourself. The more intricate and outlandish it is, the better.

This trend goes best with ordinary white tees, as they can truly let your design shine. However, you can pick virtually any color you like as well. As long as the design matches and complements the color, you can do pretty much whatever you want.

8.   Chaotic Typography

If you are looking for a strange trend that can help you express your inner wild side, look no further. In 2022, you can do it by making the typography on your T-shirt as crazy and distorted as you want.

Combine words that don’t really go together and mix up fonts and colors. Have phrases overlap each other or do anything else that will make your tee appear chaotic and colorful. There are no rules to this trend, so you can truly make it your own and come up with something that expresses who you are and what you stand for.

9.   K-Pop and Anime

K-pop and anime imagery has become rather popular in recent years. However, its popularity will only continue to grow in the time to come. This trend gives you a lot of fun ideas to work with, and you’ll probably be able to find something you like regardless of your usual style.

You can go for the most popular anime such as Death Note, One Piece, Attack on Titan, or Pokemon. Classics like Cowboy Bebop are always there if you are craving something more vintage.

On the other hand, the K-pop industry is brimming with idols and groups for you to take inspo from. From Blackpink to BTS, you can find artists or lyrics you relate to and incorporate them in your tees.

To Sum Up

In 2022, it is time to say goodbye to the seriousness, pain, and worry that have plagued everyone for quite a while now. The best way to do so is by following the biggest 2022 T-shirt trends. From chaotic typography and colorful graphics to rainbows and retro designs, you can make the world a bit brighter one tee at a time.