When it comes to printing custom designs and colors on to garments and objects, there are two different methods involved.

These are screen printing and digital printing—while one is not better than the other in itself, the type of method for a particular scenario is best determined once you get an idea of what each printing type entails.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is considered the more traditional method, which essentially involves the use of stencil—also called a screen.

This stencil is used to transfer the design on to the garment, which each different color being layered on to the material using a separate screen.

Screen printing is generally used much more commonly in the process of printing customized t-shirts, and is particularly ideal for dark garments due to the high vibrancy it provides. Additionally, it’s ideal in situations where bulk orders of printed garments are required, as the higher the amount of items you are customizing, the lower the cost will be of getting the screen printing done.

With this method, you get custom printed apparel that is top quality, vibrant, and able to last for a long time—in conclusion, quite a reliable process!

Digital Printing

Digital printing, compared to silk screen printing, is a comparatively newer process. This method consists of the design you want printed first being processed by the use of a computer.

It essentially involves the art or logo being printed directly on to the surface of a garment or object with the use of this digital printer.

This printing process is ideal for those customized apparel situations where there is a need for an attention to detail—and too being significant amount of detail. It is also considered to be best used for lighter colored garments, due to the fact that ink that is applied is less thicker than in the traditional screen printing process.

Due to the fact that this method involves computer usage, there are more options for personalizing a print. It’s quite convenient to print an array of colors, and is best for printing orders that have lower quantities as compared to large bulk orders that is the ideal for screen printing.

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