Ever wondered why people love taking a lot more luggage than they can handle even when travelling for a week? They have little options when it comes to packing their stuff in bags meant for just one week or even for two days. Sure they can do this with a duffle bag but imagine having to carry a bulky bag around a crowded airport.


Whether you are taking a flight or going by train, taking along a bulky bag for a short trip isn’t a practical idea. Traveling without too much luggage weighing you down is the way to go! But how to ensure essential traveling items don’t get left behind in your bid to pack lightly?

Get a weekender bag and pack only important items that will be used during the trip! Why this bag?

What Is a Weekender Bag?

Originally known as a gentleman’s travel bag, a weekend tote bag  is designed to hold enough clothing, toiletries and other essential items for a long weekend trip. It’s an overnight bag that is one style above an ordinary styled backpack when concerning carrying capacity and style of the bag.

Weekender bags are typically manufactured from ballistic nylon, canvas, leather or some combination of all or some of these materials.

Buying a Weekender Bag – What to Consider

The first thing to consider is the material of the bag. Buying an item in this style won’t be easy if you are looking for a durable investment. Ideally, you must look for a bag that is stylish yet also functional.

Buying the right weekender bag also means you must look at the brand, style, and for the different purposes you’ll require the bag.

Are you going away to another city for a couple of nights or for a week? The weekender bag will work best for you on both occasions! However, make a smart buying decision and buy only a high quality item from a known brand.

Price can also be a concern especially if buying the weekender bag from a luxury brand. Depending on the material, how it is made, and its quality – a weekender bag can cost a lot!

Weekender Tote Bag – An Affordable Alternative

Not just an affordable option but also the best one considering how highly Artistshot prioritises quality. Additionally, a weekender tote bag is made from canvas so much lighter than leather.

Buy custom weekender totes today, gift them to people you love and care about today!