The weather’s getting colder, and the leaves are turning all shades of gold. In other words, fall is finally here, and it’s time to spruce up your wardrobe.

The best way to create a weather-appropriate outfit for fall is to bring your fashion jackets back into rotation. Layers are crucial, especially if you want your outfit to take you from a chilly morning through a much warmer lunch, and perhaps even a rainy afternoon.

We firmly believe that some men’s jackets never go entirely out of style. Still, now is an excellent time to check up on the latest trends for the new season. To help you style a trendy outfit, here are some of our men’s fashion jacket favorites.

Bomber Jackets

This loose-fitting type of jacket has been around for almost 80 years, so it’s safe to say it won’t lose its fashion appeal anytime soon. If you don’t already have a bomber jacket in your closet, now would be the perfect time to get one.

The relaxed fit and minimalist collar on a bomber jacket ensure that it can work with all kinds of outfits, from casual to elegant. Plus, today, these jackets come in all sorts of styles and materials, from leather to nylon. There’s something for everybody!

Denim Jackets

Another fashion staple is the ever-so-popular denim jacket. You can never go wrong with it, whether it’s black or blue, distressed or not.

Denim jackets are an excellent option if your style leans more towards casual. Moreover, high-quality denim is usually 100% cotton. As such, it can keep you cool in warm weather, and warm when it’s cold. What more could you want from a jacket?

Windbreakers and All-Weather Jackets

Between the extreme heat of summer and the cold and ice of winter, fall is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors. If you’re a fan of hiking, biking, and the like, investing in a windbreaker is a good idea.

These jackets are made from materials specifically designed to keep you warm and dry while you’re enjoying some fresh air. More than a mere necessity, all-weather jackets are also a staple in men’s fashion.

Biker Jackets

Any modern man’s wardrobe would be incomplete without a stylish biker jacket. These leather zip-up jackets can add a cool edge to any outfit. Moreover, they pair well with both boots and sneakers, which makes them the perfect choice for the cold and rainy days of late fall.

Final Tips for Choosing a Fall Men’s Fashion Jacket

Ultimately, picking a men’s fashion jacket for fall will depend on your usual style. A biker or a bomber jacket is best if you want that oomph that defines any attention-grabbing outfit. On the other hand, denim jackets and windbreakers are better choices for the practical man.