Long sleeve shirts are a staple in any wardrobe year-round. They can be oversized or bodycon-style, with tight or bell sleeves, long or cropped. However, with all these options on the market, many of us have forgotten how to style long sleeve shirts that don’t have any extra bells and whistles. That’s where we come in!

You’re not the first person who’s spent time staring at their wardrobe, wondering what to wear with their long sleeve shirts. Sure, you could throw one on with jeans, but that’s not really a complete outfit. Together, we’ll discover what you can do to make your shirt a stylish addition to your outfit.

How to Style Long Sleeve Shirts

The simplest way to rock a long sleeve shirt is to figure out a way to style it on its own. So what can you do with it, other than just letting it hang off your body?

Well, if you’re working with a slightly oversized shirt, you can always tuck it. Now, if you’re new to fashion, you may be imagining the thing your dad used to do, where he shoved the whole bottom hem of his shirt tightly into his pants. But we’re going to avoid that. If you really want to tuck all around, you can — as long as you keep it loose and casual.

On the other hand, you can also do the front tuck. Basically, you’ll want to take the front of your shirt and fold it over and into the front of your waistband. Then, pull the tuck a bit to loosen up the look.

If you’re planning on wearing any kind of bra underneath the shirt, you can also turn it into a faux crop top. If you want it to look like a regular crop, tuck the ends all around the shirt under your bra. Alternately, you can also pull the shirt forward and collect it at the center of your torso, then twist the tail and tuck it under your bra. If you’re not wearing a bra, you can also tie the tail into a knot and hide it.


While you’re at it, you can also roll your sleeves. Instead of bunching your sleeves up, fold them toward your elbows once, then twice. Finally, flip them so they’re laying flat above your elbows.

What to Wear With Long Sleeve Shirts

Of course, there are all sorts of accessories you could add to your long sleeve shirts as well. You can layer them with a button-up, a vest, or a jacket — even wear them under a dress. When you’re all cocooned in layers, you can also add a belt if you want to accentuate your waist. Or if you’re more into lighter accessories, there are always necklaces and scarves.

So there you have it: no more wondering what to wear with long sleeve shirts. However you decide to style your long sleeve shirt, you’ll be able to rock it all year long.