When you think about joggers, you most likely think of gym wear, and it’s no wonder. In fact, for a long time, people used to wear jogger pants at the gym or at home exclusively. 

However, those days are over and done! Nowadays, joggers are the go-to clothing items for all types of occasions, including school and work. And best of all, they can be styled in all sorts of ways to create some fun, casual, or experimental looks. So let’s check out some of these amazing outfits and help you decide which one suits you best. But first, let’s learn more about joggers and their incredible versatility! 

What Are Joggers?

In general, joggers are a casual-style pair of pants that feature a drawstring waist. Even though they are often made from a material similar to sweatpants, jogger pants have a more tailored appearance and elasticized ankle cuffs. In recent years, manufacturers have begun to focus on creating joggers that resemble slacks or chinos instead of sweatpants. As a result, these unique pants are no longer only used for casual outfits or gym wear; instead, people rely on them even for more notable events, such as date nights and concerts.


10 Best Jogger Outfits

Putting together a stylish jogger outfit can be tricky, mainly because they can make you feel like you’re wearing loungewear. Yet, with a bit of creativity, you, too, can make jogger pants a versatile addition to your wardrobe, no matter your body type! Here are a couple of outfit ideas that will help you get started:

1. Gray Joggers and Plain White T-shirts

Although there are many ways you can style gray joggers, our favorite involves using a plain white T-shirt. Don’t forget to also wear a pair of casual shoes and hoops to keep the whole outfit subtle and simple. You can also try a more casual Friday-night look by wearing running shoes, a graphic T-shirt, and, most importantly, a messy bun. And even men can rock this unisex outfit.

2. Monochrome Joggers Outfit

Popular among many celebrities, such as the Kardashians and Jenners, this monochrome outfit is an easily adaptable choice. One idea is to match your white joggers with a white T-shirt or crop top. Add a pair of running shoes or white Converse to further up your fashion game. Or, get wild and experiment with any shade to create your go-to monochrome joggers outfit!

3. Denim Jacket and Camo Joggers

It goes without saying that camos are, and always will be, in style! That’s because they are easy to accessorize and there’s no way you can go wrong with this look. All you need is a black, plain, or white T-shirt, racerback top, or tank top to go with your camo joggers. Then, wear layers, such as a denim jacket, to add more definition to your outfit. Depending on your mood, you can further accessorise this style with some statement earrings or a necklace.

4. Jogger Grunge Look

Are you in the mood to look a bit grunge? Are you going to a concert tonight and need an edgy outfit? Then get yourself a pair of joggers and an oversized T-shirt or hoodie featuring the logo of your favorite rock band. Finish this unisex look with your trusty combat boots and bomber jacket. And women can make the outfit even more unique by grabbing a cross-body bag or a stylish tote!

5. Sweater and Black Velvet Joggers

If you’re a big fan of Juicy Couture’s tracksuits, you definitely need to check out this outfit idea. To pull it off, you need an attractive pair of velvet joggers and a graphic T-shirt or tunic top. When it comes to shoes, you can skip them altogether and wear your favorite pumps. Voilà! You just got yourself a sexy yet elegant outfit that’s a must for all date nights. 

6. Distressed Joggers

The ripped culture has found its way into many other types of pants apart from denim, including joggers. Thus, it opened the door to a whole new style designed around these distressed joggers. Our advice is to keep the other elements of your look simple with the help of a plain shirt, as there’s enough going on with your trousers already.

7. Denim Jogger Pants

Let’s be frank — some people just don’t feel comfortable without denim. Fortunately, these denim joggers combine the stylish appearance of denim with the unprecedented comfort of joggers. But what makes them so unique is that any of your tops will go well with denim jogger pants. 

However, some fashion experts believe that there’s one fail-proof way to style them, and that is to tuck your tops in. Either way, denim joggers are going to be a great addition to your closet, whether you want to style them with a shirt, a tank top, or anything in between.

8. Striped Joggers and Statement Sweaters

Looking for an edgy, uptown, and urban outfit? Just grab your side-stripped joggers, pink sweater, and a pair of over-the-top earrings. And remember to wear a sling bag and pink pumps to slay this outfit!

9. Trench Coats and Joggers

There’s no way that the thought of pairing your oversized trench coat and boots with some joggers has never crossed your mind! As for your top, you can go for a black hoodie to further reinforce the streetwear feel of this look. With such an outfit, you’ll steal the show, wherever you plan to wear it.

10. Joggers and Sweatshirt Combo

Although a pair of joggers and a sweatshirt might seem like your at-home outfit, it can also make for stylish streetwear. Thanks to the rise of athleisure trends, this combination has become more appropriate for outdoor wear, especially when worn with a pair of slick sneakers or boots. And what’s really cool about this outfit is that it works for both men and women! 

11. Cargo-Style Jogger Pants

Last but not least, outfits involving cargo pants come and go. But, in the last few years, more and more designers have centered their creations around cargo-style jogger pants! So why not give them a chance? Keep in mind that cargo-style joggers work best with striped T-shirts, tank tops, and plain shirts. We guarantee that once you try this outfit, you’ll never feel like going back to regular pants! 

To Sum It Up

Joggers are a beloved wardrobe staple, and that’s thanks to their versatility. From the gym to casual wear, there are many ways you can style them with other favorite pieces of clothing and create some superb outfits. And you don’t even need some expensive accessories or one-of-a-kind boots; jogger pants work with anything. So grab yourself a pair of joggers and start experimenting right away!