Wearing a sarong to the beach will take your look from drab to fab. It will give a much-need flair to your outfit and help you look fashionable all summer long. In addition to being stylish, a sarong is also extremely practical, since it can double as a beach towel.


Now the only question is, what are some of the ways you can tie your sarong to make the most out of it? Read on to find out.

1. A Shoulder Dress

If you want to create a flowy shoulder dress, start by raising one of your arms. Then, hold the sarong vertically and wrap one of the shorter sides under that arm.


Once you’ve done that, take two top corners that you’ve wrapped around yourself, one from the behind and one from the front, and tie them over the opposite shoulder in a double knot.


For the final touch, take two edges from the middle, gather them, and tie them around your waist, once again in a double knot.

2. A Halter Dress

For a halter dress, you have to start by wrapping the longer edge of the sarong around your back. Then, holding the fabric in both hands, take the two top corners and bring them together in front of your body.


To make the halterneck, you need to twist those two corners around each other at least once and tie them behind your neck.


If you want to fashion a bandeau top instead of a halter, don’t tie the fabric behind your neck but in the front, above your bust.

3. A Maxi Skirt

For this next method, you need to wrap the longer edge of the sarong around your waist, just like you would a towel. Then, take two edges and gather them until you have enough fabric to tie a knot.


Holding that material in the front of your body, make a knot. For more security, you can tie it twice and just move the fabric so that the knot is now on your hip. That way, you’ll be showing off your leg while you’re walking.

4. A Mini Skirt

To create a mini skirt, start by folding your sarong diagonally in half to get a triangle shape. Once you have the desired shape, wrap the fabric around your waist. Next, take the two top corners and tie them into a knot on your hip.


Of course, you can tie it one more time to ensure it doesn’t fall off. Also, instead of doing just a double knot, you can try making a bowtie for some extra pizzaz.

5. A Harem-Pant Jumpsuit

If you want something you can freely move around in, we recommend creating a harem-pant jumpsuit.


First, start by holding the sarong vertically in front of your body. Then, you have to wrap two of the corners around your back and tie them in a double knot. If you can’t do this on your own, get someone to help you. If no one’s around, you can also try tying the knot in the front and rotating it to the back.


Once the knot is secure, take the bottom part of your sarong and pull it between your legs. With those two bottom corners in your hands, pull the fabric to the front, and tie it on your waist.