Think about the last time someone’s outfit really caught your attention. What drew your eye to it — the brand or the colors that complemented each other so perfectly? Usually, no matter what brands you wear, if you don’t know how to match colors in your clothes, your outfit falls flat.

Luckily, color coordination isn’t a talent that only the most special among us possess — it’s a skill that anyone can learn. After you read this short guide, you’ll be ready to apply it as well!

Complementary Colors

Colors that are exactly opposite of each other on the color wheel — complementary colors — work great when put together. Try it for yourself; pair blue and orange, green and red, or yellow and purple, and you’ll see the results! However, keep in mind that these shades make quite a bold statement together, so they might not work in formal settings.


Lately, ombré has been taking the world by storm. Everyone wants ombré hair, ombré lips, ombré nails — so why not an ombré outfit too? Pick out a dress that goes from light blue at the top to navy blue at the bottom. You’ll see — it’ll turn many more heads than a simple monochrome blue dress.

You can sport an ombré look even if you choose to wear separates. Just remember that your top, bottom, shoes, and accessories all need to follow the diminishing or ascending shade pattern that’s characteristic of ombré.


Though it may seem that pairing up clothing items of the same shade can’t go wrong, the monochrome look is actually quite hard to pull off. You can end up looking pretty weird — and that’s not what you’re going for, is it?

Luckily, monochrome has lately become more popular. To be on the safe side, start with neutral colors, such as black, white, or gray. Once you are more comfortable, you can move on to pastels and various undertones. Pastels are especially popular in spring or summer, so don’t be afraid to go bolder in those seasons!


In case monochrome is a little monotonous for you, instead of going with a single shade, why not try two or three adjacent shades on the color wheel? They will blend together nicely and look stylish on every occasion.

Choose one to be your main color — for instance, purple — and then simply go up and down the color wheel. That way, you’ll get a purple-blue-violet color scheme that looks absolutely stunning!

When in Doubt, Go Neutral

Neutral is safe, but safe doesn’t equal boring. Some people naturally gravitate toward neutral colors, so if that’s you, don’t worry — there’s nothing wrong with it. However, you can mix it up with one bolder color and keep everything else gray, white, or black. You’ll definitely look not only classy but super stylish too!

In Conclusion

Learning how to match colors in your clothes will help you look chic no matter what you wear. And as you can see, it’s not that hard either. All you need to do is learn a few color theory basics, and you’ll definitely turn heads — for all the right reasons.