In today’s day and age, pretty much everyone has a smartphone. Since these devices can be quite expensive and fragile, most people choose to protect them by buying phone cases. Besides being protective, cases can also be excellent fashion accessories, as they are available in countless styles, colors, and shapes.

If you’re thinking about getting artsy and making a case by yourself, stay tuned. We will introduce you to some of the best ways to make your very own personalized iPhone case.

Make a Silicone Personalized iPhone Case

Nowadays, silicone cases are the most popular model you can get your hands on. It is easy to see why: they are waterproof, and they make your phone look sleek and sophisticated.

If you want to make your own silicone personalized iPhone case, you will need to equip yourself with some patience and lots of crafty tools. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 10 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 5 tablespoons clear silicone
  • Acrylic paint or some nail polish (food coloring can also work)
  • Liquid dye
  • A craft blade
  • Gloves
  • A rolling pin
  • Sandpaper
  • A spatula
  • A glass bowl

Step-by-Step Guide

To start off, you will need to mix the cornstarch and the silicone. The measures above should be enough for one case, but you can add or subtract both ingredients until you have just enough.

If you want your case to be white, you shouldn’t add any colors. But if you’d rather have something a bit more vivid, adding a few drops of liquid dye of your choice to the mixture will achieve that.

Then, simply knead the mixture with your hands (use gloves) for about 20 minutes. The mass will appear powdery at first, but it will become smoother and more consistent as you go. You will know that the ‘dough’ is ready when it’s no longer powdery.

At this point, you should flatten the mass with a rolling pin until it is about ⅛ of an inch thick. Then, wrap it around your phone gently, and use a spatula to get it to fit snuggly. Your phone’s screen should be facing up, of course.

After, it is time to let the case dry. The silicone will need at least 2-3 hours to completely harden. You will know it is dry when you can no longer make dents in the case and it is solid under your fingers. Don’t forget to cut the case where necessary for your charger port, cameras, speakers, and so on. A sharp craft blade will do the job nicely.

And now, the fun part begins! You get to paint your case or draw on it. You can use acrylic paint or watercolors, or simply add some cute stickers you like. Just like that, your very own personalized iPhone case is done!

Use a Custom Phone Case Maker

If you want to design your own case without getting your hands dirty, we have good news! There are numerous online tools and websites that you can use to put just about any design on a case and order it for your phone.

Making a phone case this way has many advantages. For one, you don’t need to have any experience with art projects or lose any time or money on gathering supplies and making the case from scratch.

But even more importantly, you can personalize your phone case completely. Thus, it is not a problem if you cannot draw or paint — you just have to find a design or image you like. The website or tool you are using will do the rest!

Besides picking your design, you will also get a chance to tinker with it until it is perfect. You will get to see the way a certain image looks on a phone case and adjust it to your taste.

If you decide to use this method, it is essential to look for a reputable website with great reviews. That way, you will ensure your case is equally pretty and high-quality, so it lasts a long time and is worth the money you invest in it.

In most cases, you will wait a few days to receive your case. Of course, if you order it from somewhere far from your country, you will wait longer. However, the wait will be more than worth it, as you will finally own the case you have always dreamed of!

Make a Hot Glue Phone Case

This method might be a bit messy, but it is incredibly fun and allows a lot of artistic freedom. To make this type of case, you will need:

  • A hot glue gun
  • Parchment or baking paper
  • Tape
  • A sharpie or permanent marker
  • Acrylic paint or nail polish

Step-by-Step Guide

Firstly, you should turn off your phone and wrap it securely in baking paper. Make sure the paper fits securely around the edges, and tape it over your phone’s front so it stays in place.

Then, you need to mark all the buttons, cameras, and ports that need to stay uncovered. Use a sharpie and draw loose shapes around these spots. Don’t worry if they aren’t perfect — as long as you mark them, you’ll be good.

After you are done, it is time to use the glue gun. Lay your phone on a flat surface with the screen facing down. Start by circling the edges of your phone and make sure to layer the glue thickly. The edges will support the entire mask, so they need to be thick and sturdy. Then, slowly start circling the ports and speakers as well, so that they stay uncovered once the glue dries.

At this point, you should focus on the rest of the phone. For this, you can pick a swirly design or simply draw horizontal and vertical lines with the glue, connecting the sides of the phone and the lines themselves. That way, when the glue dries, your phone will be fully supported.

After you are done covering the phone’s surface, you have to wait for the glue to harden. It will take an hour or so. As soon as it is hard enough, you can slowly peel it and the baking paper from your phone. Cut any excess glue and check whether all the ports and cameras have enough room to work unobstructedly.

Finally, it is time to paint the case! You can do it with acrylic paint or nail polish. You can add glitter, mix colors, or just about anything you want. Let it dry, and your case will be good to go!

Making a Personalized iPhone Case: Final Thoughts

We hope this guide helps you make your own personalized iPhone case. Between these three methods, you will surely find one that fits your needs, preferences, and artistic abilities. Whichever you end up going for, remember to have fun and get creative!