Do you love wearing hoodies all year round? Did you just get some new cool, graphic sweatshirts from Artist Shot? Well, then you’ll need some good folding hacks. The three folding hacks we’re about to show you are simple and easy, and it will take you just a few minutes to learn them.

How to Fold Sweatshirts

Now, there are two specific techniques we wanted to share with you — the basic fold and the KonMari method.

The Basic Fold

Let’s start with the easier method. First, find a smooth, stable surface, and lay your hoodie so that the front side is facing down. If your sweatshirt has a zipper, make sure to close it before you start.

Then, start by folding the hoodie horizontally. You want the bottom of the sweatshirt to be perfectly aligned with the shoulders while making sure that you aren’t covering the hood. Next, cross the sleeves on the back, right down the middle, so the shape of the hoodie resembles a rectangle. Then, fold the sweatshirt starting from the bottom while leaving the hood out. Once you have your little rectangle, take the hood and tuck the rest of your sweatshirt into it.

The basic fold is a great way to save some space. It’s easy and simple, and it will only take you a minute or so to do it.

The KonMari Fold

Now, if the basic fold doesn’t work for you, you can also try the KonMari folding technique. You’re going to start off just as you did before, with your hoodie with its front side down. Then, fold the sides of the hoodie just shy of the center. Once you’ve done that, place the sleeves over the parts you’ve just folded.

Next, straighten your hood and place it on top of your sleeves. If you have any strings coming out of it, make sure to tuck those in neatly. For the next step, you should visually divide the hoodie into three equal parts. When you’ve done that, you can start folding your hoodie, starting with the bottom first.

How to Fold Sweatshirts That Don’t Have a Hood

First, fold your sweatshirt in half so that the sleeves are laying on top of each other. Then, take those sleeves and place them on top of the rest of your hoodie.

For the final step, fold the sweatshirt in half. If you want to save some space, you can fold it horizontally one more time. Now that you’ve neatly folded the sweatshirt, you can easily store it inside your closet or even your drawers.