If you’re not blessed with natural freckles, there’s no need to worry. I will teach you how to fake freckles with makeup so that you can obtain a playful, cute, sun-kissed look effortlessly. And yes, effortlessly is key here because the less effort you put into creating them, the more natural your ‘fake’ freckles are going to look.

Therefore, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to fake freckles with makeup, using various methods. 

Use a Brow Pencil With Foundation or Concealer 

The first and easiest method you can use to get fake freckles is to make them with a brow pencil. Brow pencils are great for faking freckles because they are pigmented, blendable and they are going to last you the entire day.

Firstly, apply your makeup like usual – foundation, eye makeup, lips makeup. Secondly, use a micro brow pencil (which has a fine tip) to create small, precise freckles, and a normal brow pencil to create bigger ones. 

Don’t worry about the freckles being perfect. The more you try, the less natural they are going to look. Therefore, just go with it!

Of course, you don’t have to use both brow pencils. If you only own a normal brow pencil (not a micro brow pencil), make sure that it’s sharp if you want to obtain very fine looking freckles. 

After drawing the freckles, you can use a beauty blender with a very thin layer of foundation (or none at all) to blend the freckles in slightly for a more natural look. 

In addition, if you made the freckles too dark, try using a concealer to lighten them up. Do you have a light-toned concealer? Great — use a little bit of that on a beauty blender and dab it onto your freckles. Keep dabbing until they are as light as you want them to be. 

Use Eyeshadow and Primer (Or Even Water)

Similar to the eyebrow pencil technique, you can use eyeshadow to create fake freckles. Again, do your makeup as usual (foundation, eyes makeup, lips makeup), then take a small makeup brush. Dip the brush in primer, and take a little bit of eyeshadow on it. 

The wet brush is going to make the eyeshadow color appear brighter and more intense, so you can use that to paint on some beautiful faux freckles. 

Just make sure that the brush is damp, not soaking wet

Use Self-Tanner for Long Lasting Faux Freckles

Are you trying to obtain a long-lasting freckled look? Well, self-tanners might just be the answer you were looking for. I suggest a foaming mousse or self-tanning spray, because they dry fast and apply easily. 

Start by scrubbing your face to get rid of all dead skin cells. Then, apply a very thin layer of self-tanner over your face. This will give the freckles a more natural look. Let the layer dry, then take a small makeup brush. Dip the brush in a little self-tanning product and dab tiny freckles all over your face. 

In addition, you can even take a fan brush or a kabuki brush, dip it in self-tanner, and splatter the lotion towards your face. This step involves a little extra work, but if you want to learn how to fake freckles with makeup, it is a great (and fun) method.