Are you excited about your upcoming trip to Las Vegas but not sure what to wear? Or perhaps you have already packed, but are having second thoughts about the contents of your suitcase? Did you put in too much or not enough bling? And what about the brutal desert weather the city is so famous for?


For something that’s supposed to be fun, liberating, and about breaking the rules, a visit to Vegas can be surprisingly stressful. But despite the city’s intimidating reputation, there’s no need for you to worry. With our quick dress guide, you’ll be able to handle anything it throws your way.


Before You Pack — Things to Consider


The most common regret of Vegas visitors — aside from big bets and hasty marriages — is not taking into account the season. In summer, the weather can get hotter than you can imagine, so you’ll want to travel light. If it’s fall or winter, you’re likely going to need an evening jacket. The city being in a desert doesn’t mean that it can’t get cold.


The second mistake that most tend to make is to pack only their newest, flashiest shoes. Even if you’re planning on driving or renting a limo, you’re still going to do a whole lot of walking. Bringing at least one set of worn-in, comfortable shoes will save you a lot of pain and frustration. And don’t worry — there will still be time for fancy shoes and high heels.


Daywear — Keep It Casual, Keep It Classy


Despite all the bling, Vegas is a casual city, especially by day. Everyone is aware of that, and even the casinos tend to relax their dress codes until the evening hours. If a piece of clothing is comfortable, you can sport it almost anywhere. Just because it should be easy to move around in, however, doesn’t mean that it has to look plain.


Most of the time, you’ll want to wear loose-fitting, vibrantly colored clothes. Resist the call of your form-fitting attire. Vegas days are hot throughout the year, even during fall and winter, and walking around dripping with sweat is never classy. Bright colors will make you stand out, and you’ll feel great during your exploration of the city.


Evenings — Go All Out


Nighttime is when Las Vegas truly comes to life. Most importantly, evenings are when you can dip into the fancier part of your wardrobe. Sharp suits and polished shoes, evening gowns and high heels — if you have it, chances are that you can wear it out. Most establishments’ dress codes are pretty lenient, even when it comes to men, so feel free to go as big as you like.


However, in order to hit one of the classier places, you’ll probably want to dial things down a bit just to be on the safe side. For women, that usually means a form-fitting dress with good coverage. Men, however, will still need to wear a suit; the more conservative the design and colors, the better.