It’s official — the eyebrow cuts are back! Although this beauty trend has been around for a few decades now, it’s currently witnessing a revival. If you’ve yet to try out the edgy look, you’re probably wondering how to do eyebrow slits. So, today, we’ll help you master the art of eyebrow cutting.

A Few Words About Eyebrow Slits

Before you commit to a trend, learn more about it. Otherwise, you risk adopting a style that sends the wrong message. Luckily, when it comes to eyebrow cuts, things are quite straightforward. 

For starters, the look involves one or more slits in the eyebrows, and it first became popular in the 1990s. Initially, it was mainly favored by male hip-hop artists. By the early 2000s, however, more men started showing love for the eyebrow slit, including David Beckham. 

After a few quiet years, the eyebrow cut is now finally making a comeback. What’s more, the trend is no longer reserved only for men. Women have also warmed up to this sexy style. So now, anyone can rock the look!

The Best and Safest Way to DIY Eyebrow Slits

Making a slit in your eyebrows sounds easier than it is. In reality, it typically involves using a sharp object very close to your eyes. One wrong move, and you could injure yourself. Therefore, it’s always best if you let a professional handle that task for you.

For instance, guys can use the services of a barber, while ladies can go to a beauty salon. Although that will cost you some money, you will save time and avoid unnecessary risks.

Still, if you have a steady hand, you can try DIYing your eyebrow cuts. There are many ways for you to do that, but most of them are unsafe. For example, using a disposable razor shaver is often a recipe for disaster. So, in this article, we will only show you how to do eyebrow slits in a risk-free manner.

Tools You Will Need

You will need a few cosmetic accessories to carve a slit in your eyebrows. These products are not only affordable but also suitable for both men and women. Here are the tools you will need:

  • Eyebrow grooming scissors (non-curved)
  • Some tape
  • Spoolie (the smaller, the better)
  • Trimmer for eyebrows

How to Make the Eyebrow Cuts

Before you start shaving slits in your eyebrows, map the shape and position of the cut with two pieces of tape. Then, use the spoolie to comb the eyebrow down and make a slit with the scissors. Finally, comb the hairs up and shave off the excess with the trimmer. After a few weeks, you may need to repeat the procedure if you want to keep the look. 

Some people rely on tweezers to shape their eyebrow cuts, but we’d advise against that. Once you pluck your hairs, they may never grow back, and even if they do, they’ll be much thinner than before. 


Hopefully, you now know how to do eyebrow slits. Still, if you are not confident in your eyebrow cutting skills, let a professional help you out. By doing so, you’ll not only avoid unnecessary risk, but you’ll also end up with a more aesthetically appealing result.