Finding the perfect shirt in stores can be a tiring endeavor. In most cases, you’ll end up with something you only like partly and something that thousands of others already have. It’s hard to find cool shirt designs that really resonate with you and express everything you feel while also looking good. That is why knowing how to design a shirt yourself is the perfect alternative.

Whether you want to have fun with it and do it yourself, or you want a professional printing company to do it for you, coming up with a special design will ensure your creativity and self-expression are put to work and that you are left with something unique and cool to wear. Read on to find tips on making your own cool shirt designs, and let your imagination run wild!

How to Design a Shirt By Yourself

There are many ways in which you can design a shirt by yourself or redesign one you already own. These may require some skill with needles, fabric glue, or paint, but your shirt will look great, and you’ll be able to say you made it all by yourself!

Adding Decorations to Your Shirt

Adding decorations is a pretty easy way to take a simple shirt you already have and make it more colorful and fun. You may use stitching, or simply glue anything you want to your shirt. It’s important to do some research on the best glue options for different fabrics and decorations, though. If you do opt for doing some needlework yourself, make sure you’re careful and safe.

Stitching and Needlework

You can stitch sequins or beads onto your shirt and make it glittery and jazzy by adding some cool letters or slogans to it. You may also stitch these decorations together and make colorful flowers or similar simple designs. Whatever you do, your shirt will look brand new and unique.

Another thing to try is embroidery. Although it may seem like a hard thing to do, with a little practice and patience, you’ll be able to do it without a problem. Letters, quotes, flowery designs, and other beautiful decorations are only a small part of the many things you can do with embroidery. Remember to make sure that the thickness of your needle matches that of your fabric, and that your thread is of good quality. Also, don’t lose hope if it doesn’t turn out exactly the way you wanted immediately. This kind of craft requires some practice before it can be perfect.

You can also make cool shirt designs by adding different fabrics to it. For example, a lot of people love spicing up simple shirts with some lace, faux leather, patches, or ribbons. You may add these to the hems, sleeves, the neckline, or anywhere else you want. Whether you use stitches or glue, just make sure you’re careful.


Painting is another way you can decorate your shirt. You can use spray or liquid fabric paints, or markers. You can paint literally anything you want, so this is where you can let your imagination do its thing fully. Flowers, letters, cool painting designs, animals, faces — anything you want, you can try. Even just spraying paint onto the fabric and creating a vivid splatter of colors can be beautiful, so just relax and bring your vision to life!

Another creative way to paint your shirt or just give it a bit more life is using bleach. Since bleach literally takes away the color from a fabric, all you have to do is apply it to select places on your shirt. You will get a splattered and discolored effect that will make your shirt look uniquely beautiful.

How to Design a Shirt If You Aren’t Into DIY?

Although everything we have mentioned so far sounds exciting and fun, some people simply aren’t artistic or lack the time and resources to do needlework or to paint. What if you want a movie poster on your shirt or the logo of your favorite band? What if you want a specific painting by an artist you love on your shirt?

Well, the answer is simple. There are many printing companies whose sole purpose is bringing your vision to life! They can print literally anything you choose. If you are a fan of Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, or some bands, singers, or TV shows — yours is just to pick your favorite picture or poster, and they’ll do the rest.

But, all of the above does not mean that your creativity isn’t taken into account. Most of these companies, like this one, give you full control over your design. You get to choose the color, size, and style of your shirt. Additionally, you can create your own digital design or artwork which they then print out on your shirt.

A lot of printing companies also have a vast selection of their own cool shirt designs. So, if you aren’t sure what exactly you want or are looking for some inspiration, you can browse their collections and find something for yourself as well.

Are Printed Shirts Durable?

If you do opt for printing a design on your shirt, it is important to choose a good company with good reviews. There are many whose printing quality isn’t up to standard, so you need to check which methods of printing they use.

The most durable printed shirts are made using the so-called sublimation technique. During this printing process, the print is fused with the fabric of the shirt using heat and compression. Therefore, washing the shirt over time does not lessen its quality or change its look. The good thing is, shirts made using this technique aren’t too expensive, either, so it’s a win-win situation!

In Conclusion

As we saw, expressing your creativity and unique personality through your clothing isn’t just a dream anymore. By knowing how to design a shirt, you can create something original and put your mark on everything you wear. Whether you’re feeling artsy and want to try stitching, sewing or painting the shirt yourself, or you want a professionally printed shirt everyone will admire, being in charge of your own designs is a great choice. So, put your imagination to work and design away!