We all know that makeup shouldn’t be used to hide our features — we ought to utilize all its power to enhance our beauty. However, to do that, we cannot allow ourselves to go about our day with a crooked cat-eye. With that in mind, here’s a foolproof step-by-step guide to applying eyeliner like a pro.

#1 Apply a base

Some people have oily lids, which doesn’t bode well with either gel or liquid eyeliner. Because of that, it’s best to stay on the safe side by adding a base on the eyelids.

We can apply some concealer or eye primer to stop the oil from mixing with our eyeliner throughout the day. That will give us an even base to work with, and it will cancel out all the redness and veins.

Once we’ve applied the sticky base, we ought to set it with some powder. Compact or loose, it doesn’t matter — just make sure the lids are completely dry.

#2 Pick your “weapon”

There are two main types of eyeliner we can opt for: gel or liquid. There are pencils, of course, but those aren’t that great for getting a sharp line, and we wouldn’t recommend them to beginners — unless they do want a softer cat-eye.

Liquid liners are easier to work with, and there are various applicators to choose from. In general, brush applicators are the most natural to use, although some people prefer felt-tip ones as they remind them of pens.

In contrast, gel eyeliner doesn’t come in a bottle — you get a container with some black substance and a brush (preferably angled or a skinny, art brush).

#3 Start by drawing a line close to the lashes

First, we have to look in the mirror and determine how much lid space we have. The more lid space there is, the thicker the eyeliner can be. If there’s little to no space at all, the liner has to be super thin.

We should start by placing the brush in the middle of the lid, as close to the lashes as possible. Then, we ought to draw a line toward the end of the eye. Once that’s done, we can fill in the gaps by going over the line.

The final step is to line the inner edge of the eye. It’s best to use smaller strokes there, as the line has to be thin to give our eyes a beautiful shape.

#4 Add some wings

Now, we can just stop after the third step, as wingless eyeliner is really popular right now. However, most would like to make their eyes appear more cat-like, which is why we ought to learn to draw in the wings too.

The wings are the hardest part, so beginners will need to practice a lot. But the process is simple enough: all we have to do is to follow our bottom lash line and draw a straight line up toward our eyebrow.

We can make the wing as short or as long as we want it to be. But, once we have determined the length, we have to connect the line with our eyeliner. The easiest way to do that is by creating a triangle at the outer corner of the eye. Then, we can just fill in the gap — eyeliner done!