Since folding shirts is such a huge hassle, why do we even bother doing it? Well, since nobody likes to look all wrinkled, we need to fold our shirts to keep them looking nice and neat. What’s more, some of us love having a tidy closet. No matter which category you count yourself in — there’s a couple of things you need to know.

If you want to learn how I fold a shirt like an absolute pro — you’re in for a treat. I am going to show you three tried-and-true methods of folding that work like a charm every time.

Folding a T-Shirt

First, lay your shirt on a flat surface, and spread it with the front side down. Imagine vertically dividing the shirt into thirds. Pull the right third towards the center, so the hem is at the center of the shirt. Do the same with the left third. Then, bring the sleeves in, so that they’re folded on top of each other. Make sure that you’ve aligned the sleeves horizontally with the hem on the shoulder.

Once you’ve got the sleeves all nice and tight, you can fold the shirt over itself, starting from the bottom. If you’re pressed for space, you can fold the shirt in half again. This will also be helpful if you’re packing for a trip and have limited room in your suitcase.

Folding a Dress Shirt

Folding a dress shirt is similar to folding a regular T-shirt, but with a few key differences. Start by putting it down on a flat surface with the front side down again. Then, fold the right side of your dress shirt only about a third way in. Lay your sleeve so that it’s parallel to the bottom of the shirt.

Before you start on the other side, place the sleeve down to the right by using a diagonal fold. Repeat the process with the left side of the dress shirt. Finally, fold the entire shirt starting from the bottom. If your dress shirt has a bit of extra fabric in the back, fold that part first.

The Japanese Quick-Fold Technique

Since I promised to teach you how I fold a shirt in mere seconds, here’s the secret method— quick-fold technique. Start by laying the shirt horizontally so that the collar is to your left. Next, you need to pinch the space between the collar and the sleeve hem with your right hand. With your left hand, grab the material near the hem at the middle point of the shirt.

Then, bring your right hand, which is holding the fabric, from the collar all the way down to the bottom of the hemline. Once you have that piece in your hand, grab the material above the hem, and finally uncross your arms. I know that it might seem confusing at first, but if you keep trying, I’m sure you will master this amazing clothes folding hack in no time.