Connecting people to a cause has never been easier. If you want to raise funds for something you are passionate about, then custom shirt marketing is a great tool.

For one, it gives people something they’re more likely to use. If designed well, most won’t mind wearing the shirt. For this reason, you’ll be able to raise a lot of funds.

Secondly, customized shirts are inexpensive. You can get them made for a small cost. This will allow you to keep the price low, again increasing chances of selling more tees.

Here’s how you can get started:

Design for the cause

The shirt design is your marketing tool. People donate if they feel passionate toward the cause.

For example, you want to raise funds for climate protection projects. A funny yet powerful message would be to save trees and bees. We all know how the end of bees will likely be the end of humans too.

Or save the rhinos with a funny yet powerful message like this:

Design a shirt that sells

Just because it’s for a cause, doesn’t mean it should be boring.

The above example is worth remembering. But that also doesn’t mean you should go for outrageous designs.

Distasteful or notorious shirts will hardly ever sell. Design something that most people won’t mind buying and wearing!

Market your event(s)

Customized shirts work well for one-time fundraiser events as well as ongoing fundraising.

Reach out to people, organizations and institutions through social media and live marketing. Use features like Facebook events and videos to raise awareness and invite people to be a part of the fundraiser.

The more you market, the more successful your campaign will be!

A few tips

Always start small. Ask your friends and social circle if they’re interested in purchasing a customized shirt for the cause.  Give an order for a bunch of t-shirts and arrange a small event. If it’s successful, go for a larger event.

Also, online fundraisers are great! You can get the t-shirt made and delivered to the doorstep of the contributor.

Consider offering discounts for larger contributions. For instance, if you’re selling one for $10, sell five for $40. But keep in mind that the end goal is to earn something for the cause.

If you’re ready to launch your campaign or have already decided on an event date, design a custom t-shirt here! We offer awesome t-shirt styles, including 3/4 sleeve shirts and hoodies.