Customized T-shirts have their own charm. They are not just a piece of clothing you picked up from the local retailer—but lovingly designed and had prepared at the printers. It is only fitting that you show considerable care in handling it.

It is likely that you wear your custom tee every chance you get. Over your favorite jeans, paired with a hoodie or jacket, or even layered under a button down on a particularly chilly day.  It is inevitable that the T-shirt will display some signs of wear after a while.

In order to avoid signs of age from dawning over it too soon, and to stretch out the life of a screen-printed T-shirt, heed a few tips for proper care and maintenance.

  • Always treat your tee to cold water.Hot water puts a certain strain on clothing, and is not only harsh on the fibers of the tee, but intensely more impactful on the custom print. A warm wash will not exactly ruin the print, but it will not help either. Cold or cool water is comforting in comparison.


  • Step away from harsh laundry detergents, especially bleach. If hot water is harsh on your screen-printed T-shirt, then strong laundry detergents will utterly destroy the design. Bleach, in particular, will mar a print quicker than any other cleaning agent.


Instead, use a gentle detergent for the wash, and a low-impact, bleach-free remover for the stains.


  • Make sure to turn the tees inside-outbefore sticking in the wash. Water composition and cleaning agents are not the only things that trouble a custom print. The turns and tumbles of a wash cycle bring a T-shirt into contact with the sturdy machine sides, and a custom T-shirt turned the right way out will fade and falter quicker.


  • Limit the number of washes.Do not put the shirt in the machine after each use. Washing ages the clothes, so unless your tee is visibly dirty—has dirt, stains, or smells—air it out, fold it carefully and pop it back in the closet.


  • Avoid the dryer.Machine dryers are the quickest way to fray out T-shirts and mutilate customized design prints. Instead, let the T-shirt hang dry, away from harsh sunlight.

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