Thankfully, the days of plunging v-necklines are almost over. Today, you won’t see this t-shirt style everywhere but at least won’t cringe inside when you do see it on the streets.  The reason is simple and has everything to do with custom v-neck shirts!

Whether for dressing down or up, a v-neck shirt is now the ultimate clothing item found in the wardrobe of stylish men and women. Wait, what?

How can people wear the casual v-neck shirt for anything more? If worn the right way (with the right accompanying clothing), v-neck shirts can be dressed up to create a sophisticated and put together look!

Are you someone who hates dressing up and would prefer nothing more than turning to semi-formal events in a more casual manner? Or prefer comfort but don’t want to compromise on style? The classic and casual v-neck shirt is the best way to achieve both looks without trouble.

Going Out in Town

Dress for the occasion: White V-necked shirt, blue ripped jeans, dainty necklaces and a colourful scarf

A hang-out with friends that includes coffee, something sweet to eat, and a week worth of gossip is an occasion that calls for comfort first. This outfit also assures you won’t look like a bedraggled heckler in a classy coffee establishment!

‘Just a Coffee’ First Date

Dress for the occasion: Rainbow Equality Heart V-necked shirt, plaid skirt, boots, and a denim jacket

Do you want to let your date know you are interested and want to explore where the tentative courtship will go? Dress up for the part! Your clothes do a lot of talking when you meet new people. Want to portray a fun and flirty personality? A skirt and v-necked shirt combo is an ideal way to achieve this.

A Movie and Pizza Night

Dress for the occasion: Watermelon on peace sign v-necked shirt, dark grey skinny jeans, jewelled sandals, and a hoodie.

Meeting office colleagues for a fun and somewhat obligatory outing? However much you don’t want to be there, common decency says to at least make an effort! Who says no to free pizza anyway? Dress up comfortably knowing it’ll be a long night of cracking the same inside jokes and hearing news.

A hoodie will keep you warm in the theatre even when zipped up. Pairing the outfit with jewelled sandals will set off a balanced outfit.


Additional Tips of Wearing a V-necked Shirt

A versatile clothing item, v-necked shirts offer plenty of room to wearers when it comes to personalisation and style. It’s a casual yet chic way for women and men to dress up their casual wear! Here are some tips that will make this easier:

  • Wear classy bottoms, layering and appropriate accessories
  • Choose neckline that accommodates necklaces well
  • Wear ballet flats or oxfords to provide edge  to clothing

Are you tired of wearing the same old outfits for all your semi casual events? Invest in a few custom printed v neck t shirts from Artistshot and see the change happen in your wardrobe!