With the Covid pandemic showing no signs of slowing down, face masks have become an integral part of our daily lives. Although you can buy one on every corner, both physically and online, many people see masks as accessories and want to personalize them as much as possible. In that case, knowing how to make a custom face mask by yourself comes in handy. 

If you want to find out how to make a custom face mask, read on. This article will teach you everything you need to know.

Making the Mask

Before you get to the painting and stitching and personalizing, you need to make the mask you will be working on. If you want, you can just buy a simple one in any color you want. But if you truly want to get artsy, you can make the entire thing on your own. This step will help you with that. 

All you need is a piece of fabric that is approximately 8 inches long and around 20 inches wide. From then on, you can measure exactly how much you need for your mask. Using one that you already have as an example can be useful. 

You can sew the mask handles on, use hair ties, or cut the bands from the same fabric you are using for the mask. You can choose whatever works best for you and fits your supplies and abilities. When you are done with the body of the mask, you can move on to the details. You can find easy and innovative personalization ideas below. 

1.Iron-On Mask

All you need for this idea are a paper punch and a roll of iron-on. Use the paper punch to cut out different shapes in the iron-on. It can be tiny flowers, hearts, geometric shapes, or quite literally anything you want and know how to make. Alternatively, you can just cut out the shapes with scissors if that is easier for you. 

Then, lay the iron-on onto the fabric of your mask with the shiny side facing up and cover it with butcher paper. Take your iron and press it on the paper for about thirty seconds. Repeat as many times as there are shapes you want on your mask. And just like that, you’ll get a cute DIY mask everyone will love. 

2.Rickrack Mask

As silly as it may sound, rickrack can be a great addition to a boring face mask. You can get any color or colors you want and truly create something unique. 

Cut the rickrack trim so that it is the length of your face mask. Layer it up the way you want, and then sew along the middle to keep the rickrack in place. You can use a few drops of Fray-Check to deal with the edges. That way, your mask will look neat and pretty.

3.Sequin Face Mask

If you need a bright and fancy mask, this section will have you covered. All you need are some sequins and transparent fabric. It might be helpful to layer the sequins first before sewing anything. That way, you can move the sequins around until you find the exact order and combination you want. 

Start sewing by doing the big sequins first. Then add in the medium-sized ones in the order you like most. Finish everything off by filling any gaps with tiny sequins, and your mask will be all done. 

4.Tie-Dye Face Mask

This section will show you how to make a custom face mask using the tie-dye technique. If you want a unique mask with a splash of refreshing color, this method will help you. 

For this to work, your mask needs to be made of white fabric. Though it is possible to do it with a differently colored mask as well, the results will not be the same. Tuck the mask bands underneath the fabric, and take out your tumble tie-dye colors. You can do as many as you like, but make sure you are working with at least three different colors.

Spray the colors on the mask. Get creative, and don’t be afraid because you can’t mess this up. When you are satisfied with the look of your mask, use an iron to press the mask and help the colors set in permanently.

5.Applique Face Mask

Appliques offer you a great way to personalize any garment you want, and face masks are no exception. You can get any applique you want and choose how you want to attach it to your mask. 

If you like sewing and can do it, you can carefully sew the applique on the fabric. Alternatively, you can use an iron to activate the glue on the back of the applique and then stick it onto the mask. Whatever you do, you will be left with an authentic mask that will both protect you and help you express your style. 

6.Ordering Your Custom Mask Online

If you are not into art projects but still want to personalize your mask, we have good news. You can still have complete control over the personalization process and make something truly unique even if you are not the one creating the mask. 

All you have to do is find an excellent printing company that will do the hard work for you. You can come up with the design yourself and make your mask as creative and authentic as you want. Whether you want a movie or TV show logo, a funny meme, or an artful illustration on your mask, all you have to do is send the design in. The company will take care of the rest, and you’ll get a mask everyone will envy you on. 

To Sum Up

As you have read, knowing how to make a custom face mask can really come in handy in these trying times. Apart from protecting you and everyone around you, your mask can also help you express your individuality and style. Hopefully, the ideas in this article help you create a unique mask people will recognize you by. Good luck!