We are fast hurtling into fall season – one filled with festive colours, the smell of coffee and cinnamon, and a slight change in weather. Cold enough for a hoodie and long-sleeved t-shirt but still warm!

Parents often get confused when taking out their warm clothes from storage. Better to leave the heavier jackets and sweaters in storage but what to do about the slightly chilly weather?

How to dress your kid as per peak fall fashion without compromising on comfort and practicality? Following are some fun and cute fall clothing ideas your kid will love for sure!

Patterned Dress with Leggings

What is the best way to match your sweet kid’s smiling face? Let her wear a sweet patterned dress! A bold colored and patterned little dress will make a good impression, everywhere you go. Pair it up with a nice pair of grey leggings and comfy shoes for a casual take.

Graphic Tees with Blue Shorts

Does your kid like to dress up in cute t-shirts? Casual cute is the theme with this outfit idea! Buy graphic tees and pair simple blue shorts with a graphic shirt featuring his favourite character on the front! Sneakers and socks complete the entire look.

Bright Colors All Over

Kids who love colors will just love wearing their favourites to school or even for a fun day at the park. The trick to get this outfit idea right is to choose a bright primary color and coordinate an entire outfit!

Parents can use the same theme for both girls and boys. Know who else this cute and bright idea will work for? Twins!

Just pick an exciting matching color scheme and dress your kid head-to-toe with it. Choose trousers instead of jeans for boys!

Colored Denim and Hoodie

It’s a well known fact that denim goes well with everything. What about colored denim? This fabric has become incredibly popular, worn even before fall.

The idea is to wear one item of denim that features a bright color – either jeans/skirt or a jacket.

Some older boys may be hesitant to try out this trend although colored denim looks good on everyone! Pair the outfit with a fun custom printed hoodie!

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