It’s finally that time of year when you can wear oversized shirts, hoodies, and jackets to keep yourself warm. But, even though you could throw a hoodie or a sweatshirt over a pair of jeans, there are some more creative ways of styling them. Let’s see how you can rock your fall sweatshirts and pull off an effortless and put-together look at the same time.

Fall Shirts in 2019 — Current Trends


Going for a monochromatic look might be the easiest and most stylish way you can rock your hoodie or sweatshirt. You can wear pretty much any color you want, and it will look incredible. If you want to appear a bit more dressed up and polished, we recommend going for an all-black or all-white ensemble.

Still, even if you want the entire outfit to be one solid shade, know that there’s nothing wrong with a small pop of color. For example, you can wear all-black clothes but wear a hoodie or sweatshirt with a colorful company logo or small print on it.

Mixed Prints

Now, if you feel like a monochromatic look is just way too plain for you, why not try mixing and matching different prints? For example, choose one main pattern that will dominate the outfit and a different one that will serve as an accent.

When mixing prints, it’s important to experiment with different cuts, styles, shapes, and colors. We recommend choosing two prints that have similar colors to create a cohesive outfit. However, you can also pick one bold print and even wear contrasting colors.


Wearing a jacket over fall sweatshirts or hoodies is a no-brainer. It’s easy, stylish, and looks amazing. The only question is — what kind of jacket should you wear? Well, even though the choice is totally up to you, our favorite types are bomber and leather jackets.

These two types of jackets will give you just the right amount of shape and color to complete your look. But if these aren’t really your style, how about a denim jacket? A denim jacket with a logo or a graphic print and a hoodie will make for a classic, modern look.

Sweatshirts for the Office

If you work in an office with a lax dress code, why not wear a hoodie? One of the most popular fall trends this year is pairing a hoodie with tailored pants and some great shoes to make it work-friendly.

For women, we suggest a fitted sweatshirt tucked into a pair of pants and heels. Of course, wearing a cool bag or belt could also make your outfit more polished.

As for men, we recommend rocking a sweatshirt with a cool blazer or sport coat. You can also add a nice watch to compliment the entire outfit.