Fall is fast approaching and when the temperature falls, layering is essential to stay warm. Take a look at how different color combinations and fabrics can spark your style even with all those layers.

Here are some tips on properly layering your outfit this fall.

1. Give your layers some air.

Make sure your clothes are not all the same size. If you layer your tight chambray shirt with an also-tight sweater and then put on a small-size blazer over it, you will look everything but comfortable.

Let your clothes breathe….so that they let you breathe. An oversized sweater is always better for you to be able to move around with utmost comfort and style.

2. Keep thinner articles closest to the skin.

As a general rule of thumb, layer from thin to thick. That is to say, your thinnest article of clothing should lie below the outer, thicker ones. This way, your body will find it easier to maintain your temperature.

Also, you will have several warmer layers on the outside to provide some extra cozy insulation, if it gets really cold. On the other hand, in case it gets warm, you’ll be able to remove the thicker pieces easily without going downhill in style.

3. Color rule: complement, don’t clash

Wear colors that don’t go together and you’ll end up ruining the look of your outfit. Avoiding the risk of mismatched colors is a daunting task, particularly, when it comes to layering one’s clothes.

If you can’t seem to decide on the color combination, use a color wheel. Wear colors that lie opposite to each other. Often times, the contrasting colors make all the difference to add just the right amount of flare to your outfit.

4. Put on lighter layers.

It’s fall, so of course, you are going to wear multiple layers to keep warm. But here’s the catch: keep them as light as you can. If you pile on heavy pieces, you’ll soon begin to sweat. Keep your attire light with V-neck t-shirts, say and a roomy sweatshirt and finish the look with a denim jacket or a sleeveless vest.

5. Keep a backpack.

If you decide to add or remove layers, a backpack—which is, by the way, also a street-style essential—always comes in handy. You can take the extra pieces off and tuck them away, only to dig them out later.

The correct choice of patterns and color palettes is also very important; clothes with clashing patterns may just fall flat.

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