Nothing can lighten hair quite as well as bleach. Unfortunately, though, bleach is also really strong, so using it often can damage your hair. Instead of risking your hair’s health with a full bleach, why don’t you try a milder option? Read on to find out everything you need to know about bleach bath!

When to Use a Bleach Bath

Now you may be wondering — if a bleach bath is a milder and better option, then why do a full bleach at all? Well, some results can’t be achieved with a bleach bath. For instance, if you’re dyeing your hair blonde or removing dark colors, you’ll need a full bleach.


But if you want to lighten your hair only a few shades or strip out traces of brighter colors, then a bleach bath is the way to go. It’s also great for correcting over-toned hair, although dye remover is usually a better option. Still, when the color is too stubborn, don’t hesitate to use a bleach bath.

How to Prepare a Bleach Bath

In order to prepare a bleach bath, you need some bleach powder, a developer, and shampoo. Start by mixing the bleach powder and the developer in a ratio of 1:2, just like you would for a full bleach. Then, add shampoo to the mixture — now the ratio of bleach powder to developer to shampoo becomes 1:2:1.


When it comes to the developer, use a 10 volume or a 20 volume one. Its concentration will be lower than when you’re doing a regular bleach because of all the shampoo, but that’s exactly the point. You only want to lighten your hair a few shades, after all — not dye it fully blonde.

How to Apply a Bleach Bath

Before applying the bleach bath you prepared, you need to dampen your hair. Don’t wash it with shampoo — you already have some in the bleach bath, and too much of it could cause dryness and skin irritation. 


Now, use a brush to apply the bleach bath and carefully massage it into your hair. Don’t press it into your scalp though, just spread it from your roots to the tips. 


Once you’re done spreading it, you must watch it carefully. It doesn’t need to stay in your hair for too long — just enough to lift some color and lighten your hair. So once you see the desired result, wash the bleach bath out. It definitely shouldn’t stay in your hair for longer than 20 minutes.


Don’t forget to apply conditioner after rinsing your hair! The combination of bleach and shampoo is quite drying, so you’ll need to replenish the moisture. Let your hair recover, and don’t use excessive heat on it for a few days after the bleach bath. And remember — though bleach baths are gentler than bleach, never use them more than once a week.

In Conclusion

We told you everything you need to know about bleach bath — now you should put it into practice. Instead of fully bleaching it, give your hair the gentler treatment it deserves. Believe us, it will be grateful for it!