T-shirts are a way to express ourselves. They highlight parts of our personality people don’t know about. How we dress depends on our mood.

During dark days, we prefer to wear black, loose t-shirts. When we’re happy, we wear something light and colorful. Our wardrobe defines us. It highlights what we like, what we dislike and what we’re into.

From our favorite bands to our favorite quotes, t-shirts help verbalize our thoughts visually. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, you probably have a few t-shirts with the character. You may have t-shirts with quotes from the book or movies. These help define a piece of your personality, or portray your love for the fandom.

But what about days when we’re not in the mood for anything? Sometimes, our mind is a blank canvas. We’re always looking for inspiration. We’re always thinking of different things. Some days, we don’t want to limit ourselves to a specific thing.

That’s when plain, white tees come in.

Finding Our Muse via Plain, Custom Tees

Have you ever had days where you were stuck with a project? Looking at different, creative t-shirts probably helped you get motivated. T-shirts are a way of expressing our artistic side. They are a blank canvas that helps unleash the inner artist in us.

If we see someone with a plain, white tee, we imagine all the colorful things we could paint. From watercolors to oil paints, our imagination comes to life.

They’re also great for cheering us up. Have a meme or funny quote that inspires you? Print it on a plain, white tee. You can even create your own artwork and print it. It adds a personal touch to your clothes, highlighting your style.

Convenience at Your Feet

There are days when you can’t decide what you should wear. This is where your white tee comes to the rescue. The best thing about owning a white t-shirt is that you don’t have to worry about designs and combinations.

You can wear it with anything, any designs, and it will look wonderful. Whether you’re wearing denim jeans or a flowery skirt, a white tee complements your appearance.

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