Nothing brings a bare wall to life like a beautiful framed painting or canvas print. However, since custom artwork can be expensive enough as is, you probably thought you could save some money and frame the print yourself. But can you do this by yourself? You absolutely can. In fact, there are several easy tricks you can apply when learning how to frame a rolled canvas print.

A rolled canvas print needs to undergo several different treatments before you can frame it. Depending on what you’re looking for, you’ll need to stretch the canvas, fit it into a custom frame, glaze it, etc. This coupled with the cost of a quality wooden frame can significantly ramp up the price. This is precisely why it’s far easier, and more cost-effective to do this yourself. 

All you need is a good quality stretcher bar, some measuring tape, and good old-fashioned elbow grease. And if you follow our step-by-step guide on how to frame a rolled canvas print, you’ll have a beautiful art piece on your wall in no time.

How to Frame a Rolled Canvas Print: A Step by Step Guide

Doing anything by yourself can seem like a daunting task. This is doubly true if you don’t have experience and you’re handling something delicate like an art canvas. But worry not! With the right instructions, there is no reason why you can’t learn how to frame a rolled canvas print.

1.Step 1: Choose a Good Quality Frame

Before getting any actual stretching done, you need to first select a good quality frame for your print. Since the frame serves as the base for your canvas it needs to be sturdy. In this case, the best material you can choose is pine wood.

Pine is a highly durable and damage-resistant material, and it’s guaranteed to last you years. But take care to choose only klin-cured pine, as the curing process will protect the wood from the elements. 

The next step in learning how to frame a rolled canvas print is choosing the style of your canvas. Here, you can go with a standard canvas frame or L bar frame. The standard canvas frame has depth to it, so it covers the side of the canvas. This gives the artwork a nice, clean finish. It also comes in several different varieties including wider frames, patterned, plain, rustic or modern.  

The L bar canvas frame on the other hand has the advantage of sophistication. The frame is L-shaped, sits on the outside edge of the canvas, and wraps around the back of the canvas.

2.Invest in Stretcher Bars, Pliers and a Staple Gun

Since you’re working with a rolled canvas, you’ll need stretcher bars to fit it into a frame. As their name suggests, stretcher bars are simple wooden stretchers artists use to mount their canvases. They’re usually a wooden framework that supports the canvas while the artist fastens it to a frame. In light of this, you might think any old wooden frame will do. 

But make no mistake — these bars are just as important as the canvas, and they can determine the final look of your print. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right ones. For example, narrow bars make the framing process much easier. Deep bars on the other hand make the canvas look good even when it’s unframed. If your canvas is larger, then you also need to consider the amount of tension you’ll need to place on the canvas to stretch it. In this case, you’ll need to look for stronger bars to help you do the job properly. 

Another thing that will help you in the stretching process is a good pair of canvas pliers and a staple gun. Canvas pliers are specialized pliers that help you stretch the canvas. A staple gun is another good tool to make sure your canvass stays in place once you’ve got it on the bars. 

3.Measure, Fold and Pull

The expression goes that you should measure twice, and cut once. The same principle applies when learning how to frame a rolled canvas print. Start by carefully measuring the height and width of your canvas. Make sure to leave enough canvas to fold and staple to the stretcher bar. 

In case the canvas is too large, feel free to cut some of it off. But be careful not to cut too much, as you need at least two inches to fold into your frame. Starting on the shorter side of the canvas, fold one side of the “extra” canvas over the stretcher bar. Then, use the canvas pliers to hold it in place.

After you have the canvas secured, feel free to begin stapling it. Repeat the process till all four corners of your canvas are secured. Be sure to staple the middle of the folded corners. Also, take care to add two more staples on either side of the middle staple. 

You can then pull the canvass slightly and begin folding the corners. Start by cutting the corner tips, pull them tightly, and staple them into the frame. Voila! You can now fit your canvas into its final frame.

4.Find Some Good Custom Artwork to Practice

Now that you’re familiar with the steps of how to frame a rolled canvas print, you’re probably going to need one to do it with. And there is no better place for that than ArtistShot. With 15 years of experience making custom clothing and accessories under our belt, we’ve learned how to make the best custom-rolled canvas prints in the business. 

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In Summary

Custom artwork is the best way to up your home decor game. Plus, you can always save money when buying them if you learn how to frame a rolled canvas print by yourself. With our step-by-step guide, and the right tools you’ll become a pro at framing artwork. And if you need a quality canvas print to frame, ArtistShot has you covered. With just a few clicks, you can create a beautiful rolled canvas print to grace your bedroom walls in no time.