Heeled shoes draw attention, boost self esteem, and transform your wardrobe and your overall look. They come in all shapes and sizes, and choosing the right and the most comfortable pair is important, but also tricky. Although heels are mostly considered to be women’s fashion items, there are different types of heeled shoes available on the market for men. Let’s take a look at some of the most common heel types found between the aisles.


The Most Popular Ones


There are three types of heeled shoes we’ve all heard about. Ladies love them, while gentlemen find them incredibly attractive.




There’s likely nothing more popular in the shoe department than the stilettos. Their heel can go as high as 8 inches and they are not for the inexperienced. They are elegant, formal, and appealing.




Pumps are simply classic and timeless. They are often called simply “high heels” and the term itself speaks volumes about their popularity. Wear them with jeans, formal pants, or a skirt. They are an all-rounder.


Ankle Booties


Ankle booties are a staple, as they are versatile, comfortable, and cool. The chunky, often medium-sized heel makes them perfect for everyday use and for special occasions alike. They go equally well with jeans, dresses, and pants.

The Comfortable Ones


“Heels” and “comfortable” seem like two words that shouldn’t be put in the same sentence, right? To shatter this myth, here are some heeled shoes that are stable, comfortable, and make you feel all dressed up.


Wedge Shoes (or Wedge Sandals)


These are cute and have a retro vibe to them. Compared to other types of shoes, there’s more variety in height to choose from. More importantly, since the sole and the heel are a single piece, they support your weight and distribute it well. Finally, you can wear them with whatever you like and you’ll look amazing.


Espadrille Heels


Espadrilles are another classic making a comeback on the fashion scene. They are adaptable thanks to the esparto rope sole. Also, there are different bases to choose from — a heel or a wedge — as well as different height varieties. You can pair them with pretty much any outfit and feel fashionable all day.




Best worn on a night out or on a special occasion, platforms add to your height while keeping you comfortable. They feature a plateau in the front and a wider base for added stability. Platforms are ideal for creating a high-fashion look when the seasons are changing. After all, they are perfect for both warm and cold weather.


Men’s Heeled Shoes


When it comes to heels, it’s not all about the ladies. There’s a variety of low-heeled, elevator shoes for gentlemen as well.




Oxford shoes are laced-up, flat heel shoes, available both for men and women. They’re great if you want to give a smart, traditional look to your outfit. These sophisticated, sharp-looking, and comfortable shoes are evergreen.




These slightly elevated shoes are less formal than Oxfords, and you can pair them with just about anything. They are versatile and go as well with a suit as they do with jeans.


Low-Heeled Boots


Whether they are cowboy boots, ankle boots, or cuban heel boots, they have a purpose of their own. When it comes to men’s footwear, the elevated heel protects the soles, but it also adds to the height and comfort.


You might be a flip-flop or sneakers fan, but wearing a nice pair of shoes can make or break your appearance. There’s something for everyone in the shoe department, and choosing the right pair makes a difference. You now know all about the different types of heeled shoes, and next time you go shopping, you might just find your perfect match.