If we were to ask a woman what her most prized possessions were, there is a good chance she’d list a few of the most beautiful bags she owns. Yet, if one is looking to buy a handbag now, they should keep in mind that different types of handbags for women are used in different settings. Let’s explore some of the most popular ones — there are some real gems here!


5 Different Types of Handbags for Women — And Why You Might Need Them


Tote Bags


One of the best things about tote bags is their versatility. Due to their somewhat large size, most totes can serve as everyday handbags. Depending on the materials used to make them, some may even prove useful for storing beach essentials!


The shape and design of the tote bag are the true reasons behind its popularity. It’s large enough to fit most of our essentials and usually has a couple of compartments in the interior. The bottom is entirely flat, so the bag will stay upright wherever we put it. Best of all, it often has longer handles, so we can carry it either on our shoulder or in hand.


Hobo Bags


Shape-wise, this is a classic shoulder bag that was all the rage back in the 2010s and is still as popular as ever. Unsurprisingly, it’s a fan-favorite of laid-back women who need to keep all their essentials nearby but don’t want a massive tote bag or a rucksack.


The hobo bag’s design is often quite bohemian as the bag itself is slouchy and casual. Also, the strap is usually a bit longer, so you can comfortably wear it over the shoulder.


Clutch Bags


As one of the most versatile handbags out there, the classic clutch is a staple in any woman’s wardrobe. The name is self-explanatory here — this sort of bag doesn’t come with a strap or a handle.


Yet, no matter how inconvenient that may seem, this handbag is actually rather useful (and compact!). It goes well with so many settings, both formal and casual. You can easily use it as an everyday bag or get a sparkly one for the evenings. Do note, though, that it’ll let you carry only the essentials with you — credit cards, phone, and a lipstick, perhaps.


The Baguette


Growing in popularity once more, the Baguette was first popularized by Sex and the City back in the 1990s. Some even say that it was the first-ever “it” bag — everyone wanted to have one!


Since then, we haven’t seen it much, but in 2020, it is making a comeback. Women are, once again, drawn to its unusual shape. It resembles the bread that gave it its name and is quite compact. Still, unlike a clutch, it does come with a strap, so it’s a shoulder bag too!




Finally, when talking about different types of handbags for women, we cannot forget about satchels. Perfect for ladies who love having multiple compartments, a satchel is the ultimate choice if one is looking for both style and convenience. It can also be the perfect work bag!


Satchels may not be as eye-pleasing as, say, a gorgeous, bedazzled clutch. However, they are quite beautiful too, especially since they are usually made of leather, which allows them to keep their shape for longer. Additionally, if the leather is of high quality, it may develop an incredible patina, which should add to the bag’s beauty even more.