As a member of a dance crew, you’re probably fretting the outcome of the upcoming dance competition. You and your team have been preparing for months. You want to stand out amongst the crowd. You want everyone to know your crew’s name and associate it with quality, passion and mesmerizing movements.

You’ve been working on synchronizing every step and move with your teammates to ensure victory. However, these are not the only determinants to help you gain recognition.

Hard work will power and passion are important factors. But there’s one more factor that most dance groups forget. That is your uniform.

Professionalism, blended with teamwork, is the core of success and creating an identity will help you gain the recognition your team needs. While dancing requires uniformity of the mind, it also requires uniforms to help create an identity.

Custom T-Shirts as Uniforms   

Now you’re aware of the importance of uniforms and how they help create an identity. But choosing the right uniform can be difficult. You want something that can help highlight each member’s persona and convey the message of your team.

But since there are several options available, crewmembers can find it hard to agree on designs and patterns.

Should you choose tutus, hoodies or jackets? Everyone may not be in favor of all of these. Some may prefer jackets or even want costumes representing historical eras. Everyone has a different taste when it comes to clothes.

But one thing everyone can agree on is t-shirts. Custom t-shirts are ideal for not only creating an identity, they’re also good for:

Creating a Brand: Custom t-shirts can help create brand awareness. They help in marketing your team’s name. With your crew’s logo on the fabric, it becomes easier for potential clients to recognize you. It helps to connect potential clients with your brand/identity.

You will not even need to post ads online. Your t-shirt will do the marketing for you.

Represent Each Member: Since custom t-shirts can be customized, minor changes can be made to cater to your team’s requirements. If one of your members likes a certain quotation to stand out, you can have it printed for them.

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