Last year brought us a lot of darkness and uncertainty. Times changed quickly, and we suddenly had to adjust to the new normal and find ways to brighten up our lives. The year might be behind us, but the need for light and softness has remained. 

That is why the fashion industry has embraced soft pastel as the biggest trend in the new year. Read on to see which colors you can incorporate into your wardrobe to stay trendy and step into the new year in style.

Soft Pastel Shades

Soft pastels will bring warmth to both your closet and your life. They are perfect for spring and summer, as they radiate joy and light. However, they are also the perfect choice for the winter and fall months. They will help inject a bit of life into the greyness these seasons usually bring. Without further ado, here are the trendiest shades for the season:

Pastel Blue

Soft pastel blue is the biggest trend of the year. Designers are making everything in this shade, from jackets, hoodies, and sweatpants to T-Shirts, undies, and accessories. 

Blue is the color of the sky and the sea, so it brings a sense of tranquility and is easy on the eye. Darker shades of blue can actually make us sad and depressed, and bright blue can be a bit too dramatic. Pastel blue is the perfect middle ground, which is why it is such a popular choice. 

Pastel Pink

More often than not, pink is seen as too bright and intense. But pastel pink is probably one of the softest shades you’ll come across. It combines great with other colors, so incorporating it in your regular style won’t be hard.

You can wear some soft pastel pink accessories such as scarves or bags, or you can go all in and make your entire outfit in this color. Whatever you opt for, you can be sure that your outfit will bring joy to everyone who sees you. 

Pastel Yellow

It is quite hard to combine yellow with other colors as the result is often a clash that isn’t so easy on the eye. However, that problem does not exist with pastel yellow. This color reminds us of sunshine, spring, and joy — things we all need a bit more of. 

Yellow sneakers, hats, sunglasses, jewelry, or scarves are perfect additions to any look. They will brighten up your outfit and make you look more approachable and friendly. 

Pastel Green

Being the color of nature and the earth, green is always a good choice if you’re looking for a relaxing color. Pastel green takes the serenity to a whole new level, as it has none of the flair and brightness of ordinary green. 

This shade works great with almost all other colors and fabrics, especially with other pastels or neutral tones such as white or beige. Adding little details in pastel green to your outfit will ensure you look cozy and trendy, and it will make you stand out in the crowd easily. 

How Can You Wear Pastels This Season?

Now that you know which soft pastels you need to incorporate into your wardrobe, it is time to see how you can do that. 

Combine Them With Other Pastels

There can never be too much pastel. If you want to make a colorful statement, combining the shades mentioned above with one another is the way to go. Blue and green will look sophisticated, while yellow and green will give off an earthy, natural vibe. Mixing different shades of pastel pink will create a bubbly look no one will be able to resist. 

Just let your imagination run wild and try out any combinations you can think of. This season, you can make no mistakes when it comes to pastels. 

Combine Them With Prints

Some people might find pastels too dull or boring. If you want to spice things up, we suggest mixing them with some bold prints. Floral prints are great in combination with soft pastels, especially with green and blue. But even geometric patterns work well in this case, especially gingham and other similar patterns.

Pastels and Denim

Denim never goes out of style, and this season is no different. Combining jeans, denim shirts or jackets with pastels is perhaps the trendiest choice of the year. These combinations work well because the neutrality of denim brings out the soft and colorful nature of pastels. 

Soft pastels work great with classic, dark, and white denim, so you can wear this combination no matter what your denim preferences are. 

Pastels and Neutrals

If pastels are too childish and bright for you, pairing them up with neutral colors such as grey, white, and beige might be a good choice. Dress in these neutral colors, and then add pastel details like jewelry, a handbag, or a hat. Such combos will make for a sophisticated and mature look, perfect for work or a casual afternoon stroll. 

If that is still too much for you, we have another idea: pastel nail polish! Painting your nails in soft pastels can be a great way to keep things classy while still incorporating this trend into your look. 

Pastels In Combination With Intense Colors

On the other hand, you might want to make your look even more colorful and intense. Luckily, pastels also go great with bright and vivid colors. Deep red makes for a bold but chic combination with pastel pink. Soft green and bright orange will show others you are fun and easy-going, while blue mixes great with deep purple. 

Whichever option you pick, you can rest assured you will leave a clear and daring fashion statement. And that, after all, is what fashion is all about.

A Few Parting Words

As you have read, pastels are the biggest and most colorful trend in fashion this season. You can’t go wrong, whether you choose to wear them with denim, prints, or combine them with other colors. So let your imagination run wild as you dream up your outfits for the year. The sky’s the limit.