Christmas is just around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking of all those Christmas makeup looks we might rock this year. Depending on where we’re celebrating Christmas, with whom, and how we’re dressed, we can choose from both understated and full glam looks.

Natural Christmas Makeup Ideas

Sometimes, it’s best to stick to natural skin, rosy complexion, and some sharp eyeliner for definition.

The Glossy Rosy Skin

If we would like to spend Christmas in our PJs but still be selfie-ready, we can opt for a glossy skin look. A bit of tinted moisturizer, some concealer, setting powder, and lots of highlighter is all it takes to hide the bags under our eyes and make us look as if we’re lit from within.

However, we can also take this look further by adding some rosiness to our cheeks and lips. Using a creamy base suitable for both the lips and cheeks would make the look even more natural. Then, we can just pop on some mascara, and that’s it — we have the perfect natural Christmas makeup.

Sophisticated Christmas Cat-Eye

Now, if we still want to look natural but a tiny bit more polished, we can always add some eyeliner.

Before drawing the first line, we should contour the eye a bit with a bronzy (but not sparkly) shade. Then, once our eyes have been defined, we can draw a thin line across the lids and some wings in the outer corners.

Some false lashes would make this look a bit more glam, but we don’t have to put them on if it’s too much for us. In the end, all this look really needs is a brighter lipstick: think red, pink, or coral.

Glam Christmas Makeup Ideas

If we’re not planning to lay around in our PJs, we can get all dressed up for our special Christmas dinner. In fact, there are two looks that will certainly command attention and make us feel extra special this Christmas.

Full Glam Smokey Eye

A smokey eye is a staple in the makeup world and the safest bet for most women. However, we don’t want our makeup to be dull! We can add a touch of sparkle to the smokey eye by adding some glitter on the eyelids. Alternatively, we can pair it with some color — who says we cannot wear a green smokey eye? It fits the occasion!

Sparkly Green Christmas Eye Makeup

Finally, given that holy has green leaves and red fruit, why not incorporate those colors together into one single look? We can opt for some green eyeliner and red lips.

But, even if that’s not enough, we can take it to the next level with some shimmer. With sparkly eyeliner and lips, it’s no wonder Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year!