It’s officially our favorite time of the year — Christmas is just around the corner! Hence, it’s time to be jolly, share the holiday spirit with family and friends, dig into your favorite food, and enjoy those famous Christmas sweets.

Yet, what is Christmas without great Christmas gift ideas and spending a few bucks on perfectly wrapped, meaningful presents for your loved ones? After all, Christmas gifts are the most beautiful of all Christmas traditions.

Well, finding the perfect Christmas gift for everyone has never been easy. Indeed, each Christmas, you must wonder — will the receiver be thrilled or even like it? Will my gift be unique and special enough; will they use it, or will it be thrown away and forgotten?

Worry not, because we have compiled a list of timeless Christmas gift ideas, as well as those more unique ones for you to choose from.

Classic Christmas Gift Ideas

There are quite a few Christmas gift ideas that will never “go out of style.” Even though some may consider them tacky, these gifts have found their way to the top of our list:

  • Stockings
  • Christmas sweets basket with a selection of traditional baked cookies and candies or fine Belgium chocolates and wine
  • Perfumes and scented candles
  • Seasonal clothing, including scarves and sweaters
  • Books

However, if you are looking for something fun and unique this year, we’ve got your back.

You Want Your Christmas Gift Ideas to Be Extra Special This Year?

If that’s a sound yes, then you should definitely avoid buying those common gifts found in big-box stores. In fact, you should be looking into personalized, custom-made gifts.

Luckily, ArtistShot is here to help you out by offering you a wide range of clothing and accessories you can customize with the design of your choice.

Show how well you know someone. Pick a shirt, hoodie, jogger, skirt or dress, etc., and tailor its print design according to the interests of that particular person. Make it meaningful for them or just make a joke out of it. Either way, they will be thrilled you thought of exactly what they love and appreciate.

Customized Christmas Gifts for Men

More often than not, Christmas shopping for men is quite challenging. Men rarely express or ask for what they want or need, and in most cases, they don’t even care. Hence, the best trick to overcome this is to consider their hobbies and interests.

By doing that, you will know exactly what kinds of designs they would love to see on their clothes or accessories. And don’t forget — men always appreciate a good joke.

Here are some hot suggestions if you’re on the hunt for some incredible Christmas gifts for men:

  • A classic T-Shirt with the print of your hubby’s favorite quote
  • A zipper hoodie with a silly “slanderous” quote for your big brother
  • A men’s polo shirt for your dad with the design of your choice
  • Joggers with funny designs everyone will notice while they’re running outside
  • A baseball cap with a funny or “sexy” quote

Customized Christmas Gifts for Women

Women are definitely known to be picky when it comes to their style and pieces they wear or use as accessories. Therefore, we have compiled a list of Christmas gifts for women you can never go wrong with:

  • A cropped hoodie for your sister who loves casual outfits and fun designs
  • A ladies polo shirt for your mom and aunty with a special print
  • Leggings with unusual prints for all the ladies in your life who enjoy being active
  • An iPhone case is always a necessity for all iPhone owners, so custom-designing it will definitely give it a special spark and meaning.

What if I’m Not Creative Enough?

Worry not — if you are not a savvy designer, you can always use some of the designs/ideas we already have on our website. Additionally, you can just select an already made piece of clothing or accessory we have in our offer.