To quote House Stark, ‘Winter is coming,’ and Christmas is right there with it. So if we want to keep warm during the upcoming winter months, we need something hot. More specifically, we need the hottest Christmas fashion trends for both men and women to end 2019 with a blast.

The Guys

Gentlemen will appreciate the upcoming season. Christmas is a time of change — when the old meets the new — and the latest fashion trends for men reflect that. For example, the traditional is still going strong with black-and-white suits, all-leather get-ups, and monochrome outfits. However, there are just as many new, colorful options for the modern dude. Tattered wool outfits are all the rage, underscoring the underground look combined with some urban flair. Overly padded jackets and trousers are not far behind, followed by an interesting 1950s preppy look. And for the playful boys out there, there’s the daytime pajama sleepwear couture.

Bold fellows that like to show off some skin will enjoy the 2019/2020 winter season. Whether it’s see-through outfits or skin-bearing suits, the current flow of fashion admires the daring nature of the modern man. Moreover, there’s also the shocking, yet beautiful acid trip style, with vivid colors and explosive patterns.

In terms of accessories, the lads decided to go small this season. We’ve spotted more and more men sporting the neat, minuscule neck bag. If a man only needs to wear what he needs, a bag of this size would be more than enough.

The Gals

The ladies have just as many choices, if not more, for the 2019/2020 Christmas season. Once again, popular classic choices like all-black outfits or full-on denim wear are at the very top. However, each of these choices is complimented well with feathers and capes. That’s right, the Christmas of 2019 will see our ladies sport feathers of different lengths and designs, and as we all know, every superheroine needs a cape.

Popular head-to-toe color options for the Christmas season include beige, black, and yolk yellow. Each of these options will provide you with the warmth you’ll need against those rough winter nights. But sometimes, the options need to have a bit of flair and fun to them. Asymmetrical necklines on floral pattern gowns will definitely provide the gals with that luxury-fun combo. In addition, they will make them the talk of every Christmas party. But for the ladies who really want jaws to drop, there are the ever-popular quilted patchwork options. In other words, it’s the most beautiful chaos for the most beautiful women.

But what about the bags? Well, if the gentlemen decided to go small this season, the ladies went big. Super-sized handbags have been making the rounds recently, and we have to agree that they look amazing. After all, a lady needs all the handbag space she can spare, not to mention that the size, at least in this case, truly does matter. Christmas 2019 will be huge, and it only stands to reason that the handbag should match the occasion.