Going on a date? Some of the questions racing through your mind right now probably include “What do we talk about?” to “What should be avoided?”

But the question that plagues both men and women is, “What should be worn?”

The way we present ourselves is important. If you’re dressed to impress, you will impress the other party. But if you’re dressed casually, you may send the wrong signal. Crinkled shirt, unkempt appearance and mismatched socks—these are a few things to avoid.

The first thing we notice when we’re introduced to someone is the way they’re dressed. Everything else is secondary. But when it comes to dates, you want to go for a casual but chic look.

Dressing in fancy clothes is something that should be avoided. Unless you’re going to a Michelin-star restaurant, evening gowns are not appropriate.

So, how can you balance between the two? The answer to that is simple: wear a custom t-shirt.

Great Conversation Starters

If t-shirts were a language, they would be mandatory. This is because they’re universal. They are multi-purpose and can be worn every day. They can also be worn during dates.

If you’re planning to catch a movie and have dinner, they give you the ideal look you want to sport. In addition, they make us look neat, tidy and friendly.

They’re also great conversation-starters. A t-shirt with a funny quote or image attracts attention. Let’s say you have a t-shirt with an image of one of your favorite characters. They can be from a book or a TV show. If your date likes the same show or book, it can act as a quick conversation starter.

A Great Way to Express yourself

Some of us don’t like to verbalize our thoughts. We like to express them through actions. Custom t-shirts are a great way to highlight the type of person you are. They highlight parts of our personality we can’t express. If you’re someone who is simple, you probably prefer plain colorful tees. If you’re creative, you probably like graphic or visual tees. The list goes on.

They Make Great Presents

Whether it’s the first date or the second one, you want to make them comfortable. If you’re unsure what to gift, custom tees are perfect. With perfumes and flowers, you never know if they’d like them. Some individuals are allergic to strong fragrances.

A simple quote from their favorite show or meme can brighten their day. By gifting them a custom tee, you can show you care.

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