Do you think buying this leather duffle bag for your week-long trip is a good idea? Yes, it’s made from pure leather and it is a little expensive but you can use for a lot of other purposes! Oh, is there another more affordable option? I had no idea a weekender tote bag was all I needed for the trip!

There are good bags and bad bags. Then there are expensive bags that have zero utility, functionality, or even personality. This is the category you must avoid when looking for a good weekender bag.

Find the right one with the help of these tips.

Must Have Good Access

Look into your current bag. Can you see all the contents that are sitting inside? Do you always require emptying the entire bag just to find a pair of socks buried deep inside?

Your bag has a problem, something which the right one won’t. Easy access inside the bag concerns with how the bag opens or the opening shape. Look for a bag that has wide openings and no complicated latches or rough zips.

Must Feature Great Style

Buying a leather duffle bag is all about the words ‘simple and restrained’. On the other hand, the right weekender tote bag offers space with minimal restraint necessary to prevent jostling of items inside.

The fabric you choose plays a really important role in determining style and quality of the bag. All leather weekender bags are overkill and won’t work in many cases.

Buy a bag made with a non-technical fabric like coated canvas with leather elements on the straps. Avoid synthetic fabrics altogether.

Buying a Weekender Tote Bag – What to Avoid

These are the things you must not overlook when choosing the right weekender tote bag. The bag must not feature:

Non-workable Hardware

Clanging hardware, catchy and bejewelled zippers are usually the main reasons why some bags are more difficult to open. These should work like a charm i.e. smoothly and not actually look like/feel like a charm bracelet.

Rigid Volume

The best weekender tote bag will easily jump from ‘overnight trip’ to ‘weeklong holiday by the pool’. This is why flexibility of the bag should be considered. Rigid materials will be frustrating to use especially when you find the bag can’t be stretched to hold some surprise items.

Fabric of the weekender tote bag is very important to consider. It will get dirty depending on how it’s used. Light coloured canvas attracts dirt like flies to honey and some leathers scratch really easily.

The right weekender tote bag will last for a very long time, serving you well and truly even if it’s not branded. Don’t believe us? Look at Artistshot’s weekend tote bag collection and decide which the best is.