Everybody loves a good T-shirt. It’s a simple, comfortable piece of clothing that you can wear on every occasion. What’s more, it’s an excellent promotional tool. Companies all over the world consistently use Tees to raise brand awareness. They’re a tried and true method to successfully market your brand to a wide audience. But how do you craft the perfect Tee? Worry not! We’re here to help you with some tips for making your company’s T-Shirts.

A branded T-Shirt is an excellent way to reach customers. While ads and flyers may be annoying, a good T-shirt is always a welcome gift. It’s a useful, stylish item you can wear every day, without thinking of it as an advertisement. Plus, it’s free which is always appealing. However, there’s a right and wrong way to do a company T-shirt. 

Today, we’re going to teach you the right approach. With tips like choosing the best design, color, information, and materials, you’re guaranteed to get the ultimate company Tee. However, if you feel your brand needs a unique twist, we got you covered. ArtistShot’s vast collection of customizable Tees will help you find a branded T-Shirt your customers will wear with pride.

How to Create the Perfect Company T-Shirt

You may have all the company must-haves like a website, an office, and permits. However, you’re not legit until you design your own company shirt. T-Shirts are a practical way to raise brand awareness. They also help reflect your company values and instill trust in customers. Here are a few tips for making your company’s T-Shirts that will help you achieve just that. 

1.Pick the Right Materials

While choosing T-Shirt materials, it’s tempting to go with the cheapest option to save money. However, you’ll end up losing your investment if customers throw the Tees away because they weren’t happy with them. Therefore, one of the first tips for making your company T-Shirts is to pick quality materials. 

Most T-Shirts today are 100% cotton. Depending on how it’s made, this is usually a solid material option if you want a durable T-Shirt. However, if you want your brand to have an air of luxury and prestige, then materials like Pima cotton, Hemp, or Linen would also be a good choice. Their price tag may be higher but your customers will appreciate receiving more high-end Tees. What’s more, since these materials are highly durable, you’ll be getting brand exposure for years to come.

2.Choose the Right Info to Print on It

A branded Tee is good advertisement only if it has the right info on it. You’d be surprised how many companies just slap their logos on their branded Tees while neglecting to add other information. Logos are indeed important, but on their own, they’re just not enough to raise brand awareness. This is especially true for newer brands who haven’t had time to enter the public consciousness. 

Therefore, unless your logo is as iconic as Apple or Nike, you may want to include your company name underneath it. More solid tips for making your company’s T-Shirts include adding your website and a catchy slogan. A website gives curious people who see the shirt a way to reach your company immediately. A catchy slogan makes the company Tee more memorable. Not to mention that it helps communicate the values your brand represents.

3.Colors and Design Matter

A good company Tee is a stylish company Tee. Customers always appreciate receiving a useful branded product. However, they’ll likely throw the T-Shirt away if it has an unappealing design or color scheme. If you want to maximize the look of your branded Tee, one of the best tips for making your company’s T-Shirts is to choose a good color and creative design. 

First, brainstorm ideas about what you want the design to represent, and what messages you want it to communicate. For example, if you’re a retail brand that sells tech products, then you’ll likely want to go with a design that showcases quality, modernity, and innovation. You’ll want to pick colors that reflect that too, such as neutral blacks, silvers, and navy blues. Nothing captures the attention like a well-designed logo. It also has the power to communicate what your brand is all about.

4.Customize the T-Shirt

If designing a company T-Shirt on your own is too exhausting, we got some good news. ArtistShot is here to help you make the company T-Shirt you’ve always dreamt of. For over fifteen years, we’ve been on a mission to create the best custom clothing and accessories at the best possible prices. 

Our website has heaps of incredible T-shirts you can customize to fit your brand. It’s as simple as going to our platform, picking the right fit, preferred color, and printing technique, and presto! Your company Tee is complete. If you want you can add prints both to the front and back, as well as upload your company logo and the info you want printed on the Tee. 

However you design the Tee, we guarantee you’ll get a high-quality promotional item that will give your brand the exposure it deserves. So, if you want to make designing a company Tee a breeze, head on over to ArtistShot’s platform, and get a company T-Shirt your customers will love. 

Final Thoughts

No brand is truly complete without its own company T-Shirts. A good branded Tee is a great way to raise brand awareness while providing your customers a practical item they can wear every day. However, the success of your branded Tee will depend on a few key factors — T-Shirt material, the information you put on the Tee, and the logo design. 

If you follow our tips for making your company’s T-Shirts, then your marketing campaign will be a resounding success. But, if you want a little extra help to seal the deal, ArtistShot has you covered. Thanks to our easy-to-use platform and the vast collection of custom Tees, making the perfect company T-Shirt has never been easier.