Even though most want to avoid that basic style that makes them fade into the background — basic clothing pieces can be a lifesaver. They make it easier for you to plan outfits, especially on days when you don’t have a lot of time. Additionally, these simple pieces are easy to incorporate with more elaborate designs and patterns.

On a different note, keep in mind that basic clothing and basic fashion trends aren’t the same thing.

The former refers to having several fashion staples in your wardrobe you can mix and match with some unique pieces. The latter, in contrast, means that you’re just following the most popular trend and dressing more or less the same as the majority of people.

So, what are the basic must-haves of the 21st century? Let’s find out.


Ah, perhaps the most basic of all basic clothing — the blue jeans.

Now, when we say jeans, we are talking about the plain ones —  without any rips or tears. Even though they aren’t well suited for a formal occasion, they can be a great part of your day-to-day life. You can wear them with simple T-shirts, tops, sweaters — they really do go with everything.

Even better, good-quality jeans can take a lot of wear and tear and will probably last you a long time. In fact, even if they become quite tattered at the bottom, you can always DIY a pair of cute jean shorts.

Plain White Tee

Basic shirts should be a staple of everyone’s wardrobe. You can use them to dress down a shorter skirt or dress up some more casual bottoms.

You can also combine them with jeans, long, and short skirts, as well as all types of jackets. Additionally, if you’re not a fan of crop tops — you can wear them under all types of overalls.

Even if you have more than one go-to color, a white T-shirt is probably what you’ll go back to most often.

Faux Leather Jacket

Faux leather jackets look just as nice as genuine leather ones but come at only a fraction of the cost. They are also available in many different colors and styles, though black biker jackets are typically the most popular choice.

It’s incredibly easy to combine these with a pair of jeans and a plain T-shirt for a more easy-going outfit. However, they are actually more versatile than they look. You can also pair them with a simple pencil skirt and almost any kind of top if you’re planning to go out.


Athleisure is and has been a staple in our wardrobes for quite some time. Thus, it’s no wonder a plain pair of sneakers is incredibly easy to find and incorporate into any outfit.

Sneakers are arguably the most comfortable footwear money can buy. You can easily combine them with almost any type of dress, jeans, jacket, and shirt. The only way they wouldn’t work is if you wore them with more elegant pieces, such as skirts.