There are 3 things all women know to be the ultimate truth – chocolate is ideal for handling a breakup, cliché romcom movies are cheesy but oh so good, and it literally hurts to run especially with a bigger size.

Fortunately, clothes manufacturers have taken note of the last truth. Available everywhere the eye looks (or mouse scrolls), women have access to fitted sportswear that makes running or exercising easy for them.

Or maybe the conventional sports bra isn’t for you? Investing in a high quality custom racerback tank is another option! The question is what to wear underneath a loose or even fitted racerback tank? Here are a few solutions:

Racerback Bras

Almost all wearers complain of bra straps peeking out when wearing a cute racerback top. Bra straps are unsavoury and bothersome to handle. How can you prevent bra straps from peeking out under your racerback tank and ruining the look?

Investing in a racerback bra for your similar styled tank is a really good idea.

Remember this style has a larger armhole than other tops. The only way to go around this is by wearing racerback bras that are designed to be seen!

Find bras in cute and bold colours like black, red yellow, burgundy etc. Avoid beige or white like the plague!

Strapless Bras

Another great option to wear underneath a racerback tank is a strapless bra. These often come as convertible clothing (with detachable straps) or you can buy bandeau bras according to preference.

Artistshot recommends wearing a classic style strapless bra underneath their custom racerback tanks as the other style doesn’t feature underwires which can cause breasts to bulge out.

Cross-Back Bikini Top

One of the most popular ways to wear a tank top is to layer the clothing with a cute bikini top. Find a bikini that has cross-back straps and the tank top look will fall together perfectly.

Wear another Tank Underneath

Are you a new mother trying to cover back flab and a post-partum tummy? This can be done by layering your racerback top with another tank. However mind the styling rules of layering two tank tops!

Opt for a paper thin article which will promote comfort and prevent overheating. The layering tank should also be a racerback style.

You know what they say, too many straps all over the place in addition with too much fabric always spells disaster. Find high quality and cool looking women’s racerback tanks from Artistshot today.